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Finally started a formal photography blog. Mostly "pic-of-the-day" kinda thing, where I highlight either a recent shot or one from years ago that I re-polished. Some of you know this from FB, but hey, one blog should always plug another.

A few of the shots may have actually been taken by [ profile] faireraven. I try to credit correctly.
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So what did I do at Dragon*Con 2014? hmm...

lets see what I remember... )

so, 3 panels, 1 photoshoot, about 3 hours just costume-watching in the marriott, 2 hours costume-watching in the Americas Mart 1, 1 hour in line at starbucks (spread over 2 days), and 7 autographs plus 2 pictures. less than some do, more than others. for having to watch a 3 year old in all that, not too bad. Everything on my "checklist" was achieved (except perhaps meeting Koenig, but he had a long line when he was in the Walk), and that is enough.
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Not saying anything more about yesterday's sad events other than there was also clear evidence that the blanket declaration, "the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" (12/21/2012), was proven false.
NRA and gun supporters: you are welcome to use facts (as many do including some of my friends on FB), but when you start making blanket rhetorical statements like that above quote, others now have a clear reason not to believe you.


the temptation to put this on FB was quite strong, but I resisted.  that said, someone else say anything and I'll surely bring it up.
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  • Warmed up the system to various Pink Floyd


  • The closing credits suites from Pirates 3
  • "Obliviate" - the opening music from Harry Potter 7.1 (painful scene, that...)
  • Abduction of Barry - Close Encounters
  • The Conversation - Close Encounters
  • The Dress Waltz - Jerry Goldsmith's score for Legend
  • Gentle Giant - Ben Bartlett, from the score for Walking with Beasts (the giant being the 25 foot tall Indricothere)
pop 80s time
  • As the World Falls Down and Within You - David Bowie from Labyrinth
  • Invisible Sun - The Police
  • Synchronicity II (many miles away) - The Police
  • Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (enjoy [ profile] dawntreader90 )
  • Loving the Alien - David Bowie
  • Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

now some rock

  • Emminence Front - The Who
  • I Burn For You - Sting (Bring on the Night version)
  • A Recurring Dream within a Dream - Alan Parsons (a mash-up of Dream/Raven from the classic '76 album)
  • No Quarter - Led Zep (the Song Remains The Same version)
  • Space Dye Vest - Dream Theater (forgot how cool this was)
  • 3 i 2 - ProjeKct One

and we'll wind it down with the classic Steve Hackett halloween trilogy

  • The Steppes
  • Vampyre with a Healthy Appetite
  • Darktown

and 2 more just to keep things going while i pack up the lights

  • Home by the Sea - Genesis ('93 live version)
  • Sheltering Sky - King Crimson

so in spite of hunting the classical down, i didn't play any today. oh well...

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Eilean Donan Castle
Originally uploaded by Me!

testing single image sharing.

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Gardens at Skylands Manor, NJGardens at Skylands Manor, NJIMG_0057Shenandoah National ParkFlying over Shenandoah NPIMG_0677

IMG_0044IMG_2881Cades CoveIMG_1456C&O Canal SunsetGrand Canyon, Watchtower View

Kolb Studio, Grand CanyonGrand Canyon, Hopi PointGrand Canyon, from El TovarGrand Canyon, from El Tovar on a Cloudy EveningGrand Canyon, from El Tovar on a cloudy eveningZion National Park

Zion National ParkZion National ParkZion National Park SunsetFramed.  Zion National ParkShade and Light100_2994

Personal Favorites, a set on Flickr.

(testing this...)

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Dear Mr. Matt Gaetz (rep, florida).  Under no circumstances are you or your ilk EVER allowed to call anything done by your opposition, "reactionary".  It does not mean what you think it means.
Stand Your Ground is, itself, the reactionary law.  Reforming it to limit the scope and the burden of proof required for it to be applicable is progressive.
signed, someone who paid attention in high school civics.
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cross-posted from my FB:

I am not giving up on "The Onion". One really stupid idiot made one dumb post in the one and only context they have where stuff can get out without an editor's approval (their "live-tweeting" of events). They sincerely apologized, a real "yes, we screwed up" apology, not the typical "I'm sorry you took it wrong" that we usually get from comedians (and politicians) these days. They are taking action to prevent *anything* from getting away without editorial control again.

To continue to punish them would be the same as continuing to blame CBS and the NFL (and every CBS affiliate) over the 'wardrobe malfunction' - one person did one thing really stupid and ignorant, but everybody associated with them is to blame? I refuse to live like that. I refuse to treat whole companies like that when they have acted with honesty over their mistakes.

I believe the situation has been dealt with to the best it could be and that it won't happen again. Most importantly, this situation does raise awareness that the C word just isn't funny, EVER, and is perhaps the key event needed so that we can just excise it from the language for good.

When it comes to misogyny, there are more important fights to have than one guy who can't tell a joke and the company that's likely already fired him.
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"I pledge to continue to represent you all to the best of my abilities without regard to race, creed, religious beliefs, national origin or sex.  That's the kind of Sterling Americans you all have been for me and for our community and I pledge to continue to be that kind of Sterling American for you." - Roger Delgaudio, Sterling/Loudoun, "There is no place in Sterling for hate" (from his monthly newsletter to us residents)

Yeah, that's right.

Roger Delgaudio is a man so Conservative he hasn't even caught up to the fact that most of the country, and most of his subjects, considers discrimination and prejudicial writings against people on account of sexual orientation is Hate.

Some of his choice quotes (as 'public policy spokesman for a pro-family group', as he brushes off) he WON'T put in the electorate newsletter, but loves to put in that sidelines business, "Public Advocate" (which he operates on government resources, which is why he is under investigation...I note his letter didn't say a thing about the actual charges in the slightest)
  • "The homosexual lobbies fully support the invasive body cavity searches of elderly citizens, small children, young women and the absurd and dangerous X-Ray machines that scan the human form in minute detail— anybody and everybody for little security reasons whatsoever." - October 24, 2012
  • It was worse than I ever imagined. Row after row of boxes bulging with pro-homosexual petitions lined the walls, stacked to the ceiling. My mind reeled as I realized hundreds, maybe thousands, more boxes were already loaded on the tractor-trailers. [...] Driving away, my eyes filled with tears as I realized he might be right. This time the Radical Homosexuals could win.
  • [An open Letter to Mitt Romney on who should be his VP candidate] “Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Joe Farah, or Chuck Norris would be a great pick from just ten top conservative leaders,”

Another (very specifically fundraising) letter he wrote mentions dangerous legislation like

  • 1) The Homosexual Classrooms Act, requiring every school — even private and religious schools — to teach appalling homosexual acts.
  • 2) The Offense to Marriage Act, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act which has stood for over a decade against the Homosexual Lobby.
    If passed, wedding gown-clad men smooching before some left-wing clergyman or state official is just the beginning.
    You’ll see men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to “pick out” a little boy for themselves.

  • 3) The Gay Bill of Special Rights, granting special job rights to homosexuals. Every homosexual fired or not hired becomes a potential federal civil rights lawsuit.
    Radical homosexuals will terrorize day cares, hospitals and churches.

culminating, of course, with "In fact, if I’m to effectively defeat even one of these bills, I’m going to need an immediate influx of funds." - Fear-mongering, hatred, and an annoyingly active imagination unable to see reality in the slightest, and his flock should give him money for that. 

How detached from reality is he? He even made a post (I think a tweet, but I can't recall now) about how "his" Sterling so overwhelmingly voted Republican in November (facts? Obama took 65%, Kaine took 68% - both contributing to their late-night wins once the votes were counted - and within Sterling, Wolf was in the minority, though he took his district thanks to Fauquier and Winchester, not Loudoun which went 50/50).  A few hours later, he took that one down.

By the way, the mailing list of people who love to read that kind of stuff?  In the months prior to the election, he sold it.  To Bachmann, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, likely more.

He personally takes home about $171,000 a year writing this stuff, according to analysis of public tax filings.  And this is a 'non-profit' advocacy group, btw.  And that's on top of his PACs, his investments, and his income from the Loudoun Board.  He actually primarily lives in Falls Church (ironically because it has better schools for his kids, who knew?).

And no, I have NO intention of linking to to those pages...but he clearly owns it, as shown by the whois records for the domain.

But no, he's not one who "hates" and there is no "hate" in Sterling, except against him.


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Sesame Workshop - Say Cheese.: [Sonia, aka Maria on Sesame Street, talks about how she didn't like taking photos of her daughter.]
Who needed photos to remember moments? I didn't. Certainly not!

That was true until just recently. On a recent visit to my husband's office, I saw a picture of a 4-year-old, with the ex-mayor of New York City, David Dinkins [acroyear70: 1990 or 1991]. In the photo, she's smiling at Mayor Dinkins who is obviously charmed by her. It's a perfectly captured moment, a lovely picture. But, as I stared, I became horrified. It wasn't the fact that she was standing on the Honorable Mayor's desk that bothered me. No, I was horrified because I couldn't remember...I simply couldn't remember the event!

I could guess...It had probably been taken on one of several "Children's Day Celebrations" at Gracie Mansion, or a celebration for a television award. I just couldn't be positively sure....But I was so very happy someone had had the good sense to take a picture of it -- to record it for me. I began to wonder what other things had happened in her life that I had forgotten. I wondered what else had gone from my memory, to make room for other memories - events in Gabi's life that were, perhaps, too small to remember on their own, but could have lived on a picture I should have taken....

So there you have it. "To be or not to be." To stand outside the moment and record it; or to forgo recording it, in order to be in it! That's the question.
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What Is Real, Anyways?

An essay I just wrote complaining about the constant barrage of 'is it photoshopped?' that still persists in spite of years of photographers trying to explain it.  I probably won't change any of the nay-sayer's minds either, but I at least wanted to say something, and along the way, show off the different ways a single image might be seen.
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about this kid that decides to break copyright law on a scale the record industry can only dream of, gets prosecuted, and decides that death is better* than indentured servitude as he would have to pay off a huge fine and/or jail for the rest of his life, and deciding to do so even before actually appealing to a judge for leniency which is often granted in copyright cases.

really.  i don't care.  he wasn't a hero, he was a thief who got caught.

Is there a problem in that publishers often don't redistribute royalties to the authors?  of course there is.  in some cases it is contractual (the author accepts the initial advance in lieu of fighting for accounting which often doesn't amount to much).  in other cases, yes, the publishers are being jerks through bad accounting practices.  this latter case happens in ALL the creative industries, from records that never recoup in spite of selling hundreds of thousands, to Lord of the Rings never making a profit on 1 billion in ticket sales collectively.

but if one is going to practice civil disobedience to raise awareness for an issue, one should accept the consequences of that.  Any 'academic' should know that, from Emerson, to Thoreau, MLK Jr, and even Jesus, all of whom accepted the jail time that came with the disobedience they practiced.

This kid didn't.  he cut an ran.  he wasn't a hero, he was a coward.

and I have no sympathy at all.

* I'm aware that he suffered from depression, as is the case in most suicides, and that the prosecutors involved ignored that and refused to come to some arrangement, but all things being equal, the law is the law.  He simply shouldn't have done that if he wasn't able to deal with the inevitable consequences of prosecution.

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Clara's gravestone.

The birth date.

November 23, 1866.

geeze, and I thought I was intrigued before...

say what?

Jan. 7th, 2013 08:29 am
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Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever - Yahoo! News:
"If we have learned anything from the fiscal cliff fiasco, conservatives discovered we need to stand firm, and stand together, on our principles from beginning to end," said Republican strategist Alice Stewart. "It's frustrating to see the GOP drop the ball and turn a position of true compromise into total surrender. The Democrats succeeded in their strategy of divide and conquer."

1) the whole problem is that your party has two *different* principles, and one of the two is utterly uncompromising.
2) The Democrats didn't do this. You did it to yourselves.
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My brain just came up with the following news item:

"House Republicans Furious with Speaker for not Allowing Them To Vote Against Hurricane Relief"
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bookmarking for now.  She's finally getting old enough to enjoy some of these, even if not to remember them later.

  • GSM NP (there are shorter hikes on the Carolina side off of the main Klingman's Dome road that we didn't hit)
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Chimney Rock
  • Discovery Place (this can happen in November if we have time free around CRF)
Atlanta (should we do GARF)
  • ...
Close To Home Weekend Trips
  • Luray Caverns
  • Shenandoah NP (I still want to hit it in the fall colors, but we'll see - anyways, we totally missed Big Meadows last year)
  • Inner Harbor (Port Discovery, National Aquarium, Science Center) - we might stay in Glen Burnie overnight
  • Mt Vernon - lets see if she recognizes "the hermit" in a different costume/character :)
  • Great Falls / C&O Canal (I totally didn't visit Great Falls in 2012)
North (should we do Marlboro instead of GARF)
  • Acadia and Bar Harbor
  • Mystic Seaport
  • Watch Hill, RI (my family settled there in the 1630s)
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...who think that any sort of compromise on limiting the unfettered access to guns would inherently "lead this country to rot" and "end all our freedoms"

I'm sorry, truly sorry, that you think having easy access to a gun is the only thing that makes this country worth living in.

If it was my daughter and you dared say that to me, you would be buried with her.  End of discussion.
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This tweet after the election cracked me up:

Guy Nicolucci@Nicolucci1899
Karl Rove has redistributed more money from billionaires than Barack Obama ever will.

Funniest Election Tweet | Dispatches from the Culture Wars
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If Valery Jarrett is supposedly some real influential super-power within the White House, why the hell is it that nobody (even among Democrats) have even really heard of her until this likely fake 'hell to pay' quote suddenly starting making the right-wing blogosphere?
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...started late as traffic was horrible getting out of Tysons.  Got in just in time for 6 kids...hope I didn't miss everybody else...

This year I'm going to shuffle up a bit more (having put together an ipod mix)
  • The Gathering - Herbal Movement
  • Stick Men - The Firebird Suite (yes, Stravinsky played on a Chapman Stick, a specially made Touch Guitar, and all the percussion Pat Mastelloto can muster)
  • Alan Parsons Project - A Cask of Amontillado
  • BOC - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (one of my all-time seasonal favs)

  • Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember
  • Ozric Tentacles - Pyramidion
  • The Fixx - The Sign of Fire
  • Pain of Salvation - Ashes

  • Pink Floyd - Marooned
  • The Gathering - Nighttime Birds
  • The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
  • Uriah Heap - Lady in Black

  • Metallica - Enter Sandman
  • Pink Floyd - One of these Days (Pompeii version)
  • The Cure - Lullaby
  • The One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater

  • King Crimson - Dangerous Curves
  • The Police - Synchronicity 2 (another of the regulars each year)
  • David Bowie - Time Will Crawl
  • Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

after this, things had been quiet out there for some time, so I switched to classical/movies and brought it inside...

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - Hoist the Colours Suite
  • Webern - 6 Pieces for Orchestra (Sir Simon Rattle)
  • Stravinsky - Rite of Spring part 2 (Michael Tilson Thomas)
  • The Dark Crystal - Finale

  • Ligeti - Lux Aterna (from 2001)
  • Varese - Deserts (2nd Interpolation)
  • Close Encounters - The Abduction of Barry (oddly, these last three are all in very similar styles so I almost couldn't tell when they changed!)
  • Mahler - Symphony 7 mvt 1 (MTT again)

  • Takemitsu - Funeral Music from Black Rain (Marin Alsop)
  • Prokofiev - Alexander Nevsky Cantata (Previn)
  • Star Trek IV - Crash and Whale Fugue

and with that, I think I'll call it a night...

oh, and it was wiggle's first trick-or-treat outting!


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