Oct. 31st, 2009 11:56 am
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no more AT40 countdowns.  siriusxm's dropped the show sometime in the last 3 months (whilst my sundays were busy, of course).

still, nice while it lasted.
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Sirius XM moved them from 12-3 (a perfect afternoon time) to 7-10 (when I'm more interested in sleeping, not working).  as in, it's on now.

i'm gonna see if i can remember how to record on the myfi upstairs to play later...ok, seems to be working, and i'll try to figure out how to turn on the timer so i can do it later on as well.  it's 1986, with #36 being Dream Academy's followup to Northern Town, The Love Parade, and #35 being GTR's debut of When The Heart Rules The Mind.
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the next 5 sundays including today are all busy, between vacation and morris gigs.

still, we'll come back into June with enough time to have lapsed from the April ones that we'll have all new old songs to talk about!
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is...April 23, 1988, 21 years ago.  I'm 2 months from graduating and SO into senioritus, though my grades actually went up.  Go fig.

Right now this happens while I do laundry and pack for 2 days in Jersey.  Not even an interesting part, neither (yes, NJ has interesting places to go).

We review "last week" with
  1. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  2. Devil Inside
  3. Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car (I still don't get it)

And here we go with...40-11 )And into the top ten with...
  1. ...more crap: Taylor Dayne's Prove Your Love
  2. Natalie Cole's cover of Pink Cadallac.  boy we're not doing very well this week.  6 artists I like, and only 1 song I *really* like (and it was a one-hit-wonder).
  3. The real Gloria Estefan with Miami Sound Machine, not that you'd notice with the ballad Anything For You.  Actually, hearing it today I notice the band contributing in a very stylish, understated way, in the backing tracks, an aspect definitely missing in her early 90s "solo" hits.
  4. Mall-goddess (at the time) Tiffany covers the Beatles with I Saw Him Standing There
  5. Aerosmith's comeback continues with Angel
  6. Pebbles's Girlfriend.  bleh.
  7. Casey reads off a whole bunch of critics praising Terrence Trent D'arby and Wishing Well as "the future of pop music", while I laugh my ass off at how history turned him into a one-hit wonder REAL fast.
  8. Billy Ocean's Car falls from #1.
  9. INXS hold onto their #2 spot with Devil Inside, tragically meaning that
  10. Whitney Houston is #1 with Where Do Broken Hearts Go.
Gee, guess how much I liked 1988...
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...generally pre-empted by the MS walk and lunch.  I did catch the top 15 while loading the car and driving home, as it was April 19, 1986.  Not many songs changed since the last 1986 one I did.  Falco got kicked out of the #1 by Prince, who as songwriter had both the #1 and #2 songs.  His recording was #1 (Kiss, as stated several times, it is my least fav of his hits), but can anyone name the #2 song that he wrote but didn't record?
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is...April 11th, 1981, and is a time I have very little memory of aside from being home watching CNN during both the Space Shuttle and Hinckley's shooting of President Reagan.  Musically, I certainly know more about it now than I ever would have then, my only pop access being "Solid Gold".

I've done this one before, but not with # by # detail, so here we go again...

We review "last week" with
  1. The Best of Times from Styx
  2. Woman from John Lennon
  3. Rapture from Blondie (short version that really cuts the guitar solo to shreds...bleh)
And here we go with...
40-11... )And into the top ten...
  1. The Police with the first version of Don't Stand So Close To Me, one that would stay very popular long after its AT40 time, thanks to the popularity of the video on MTV.
  2. REO Speedwagon's even earlier top ballad (and former #1), Keep On Loving You
  3. Steve Winwood's biggest hit before Higher Love, While You See A Chance
  4. Don McLean's terribly boring cover of Roy Orbison's Crying.  bleh.
  5. Sheena Easton's Morning Train, in her pop pre-Prince days.
  6. Grover Washington Jr with Bill Withers on Just the Two of Us, recently sampled into a Will Smith rap.
  7. John Lennon's Woman falls from #2, but remains a great song forever, I think.
  8. Styx's Best of Times holds here.  I know I used to like this once, but today?  Not really sure.  Maybe heard it just too many times over the years, or just realizing that DeYoung never really quite achieved some of his more lofty goals over the years, and I think this song, good as it is, doesn't quite reach where he really aimed.
  9. Rapture drops to #2.  Strange stuff.  I never quite ever really liked this, and I'm wondering if my general distaste for rap was pretty much always there from this song onward? (Weird Al's work being obvious exceptions, of course).
  10. Hall & Oats start their run of the biggest duo of the 80s with Kiss on my List
And with that reliving (again), I'm out to mow the lawn and continue recovering from yesterday.  g'day, all...
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is...April 2, 1983, nearing the homestretch of the 7th grade and seeing the 80s start to turn into themselves (the economic recovery might have had something to do with that...)

We review "last week" with
  1. hungry like the wolf
  2. do you really want to hurt me
  3. billie jean
And here we go with...40-38... )

Now an AT40 Extra, as Casey explains about this new device, the "Digital Audio Compact Disc", 4.7 inches and no grooves, read by a laser.  The players were selling for $1000 (in 1983 dollars) and cd's selling for $17.

hardly the "last link in music evolution", but certainly the wave of the future as he predicted, 26 years ago...

37-21... )And into the top ten with...
  1. That overplayed, inescapable Twilight Zone from Golden Earring.  As I've written before, this remained high on DC-101's rotation well until they stopped being an AOR station in the early 90s.
  2. Daryl Hall and John Oats's dedication to March Madness, One on One.

    What, it wasn't about basketball?  Who knew?

  3. Journey's rocker, Separate Ways...I really need to reconstruct that Robotech mash-up I made 20 years ago...I picked up this album on tape in Montreal in 1986, and was shocked at how much better side 2 was even as good as the hits on side 1 were (well, besides Back Talk).
  4. Mr. Roboto from Styx continue the arena rock trend.  I loved this at the time (picked up both the 45 (b-side: Snowblind) and LP), and was very annoyed that I never actually saw the video 'til years later.  Don't Let It End I saw all the time later on, but I kept missing this one every time MTV ran it.  Today, I see it on VH1 Classic all the time, but they almost never run Don't Let It End.  Go fig.
  5. Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton duet on We've Got Tonight, written by Bob Seger (who's of course in the countdown twice himself).  "Next week" it would be the #1 country song, but this would be its pop peak.
  6. The Pretenders with one of Y-103's inescapable high-rotation songs, Back on the Chain Gang
  7. Lionel Ritchie's You Are, which I have little to add over my last few times it's come up.
  8. Duran Duran hold onto #3 with Hungry Like The Wolf
  9. Culture Club holds at #2 with Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

    and both of those were worthy #1 candidates had it not been for...

  10. Billie Jean, from Michael Jackson
So with that repeat of a 3,2,1 (actually, according to Casey, repeat from 11 to 1 all unchanged), I'm outta here...
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is March 29, 1986, 2/3rds through my sophomore year, slowly pulling myself out of the typical depression of that age.

Last Week
  • 3 Secret Lovers - Atlantic Starr (bleh)
  • 2 Sara - Starship (I liked it then...I got over that), down from #1 the week before that
  • 1 These Dreams - Heart (Still have a fondness)
And this week
40-21... )And into the top ten we go...
  • 10 Loverboy joins the ballad-band bandwagon with This Could Be The Night.
  • 9 Sly Fox's Let's Go All The Way.  Really never did "get" this one.  Still don't.
  • 8 Mickey Thomas's Starship's Sara starts its rapid descent, falling from #2.

    And just when you thought I could go a week without a mention of the "where's your fucking guitars, man", Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love Is ended up a long distance dedication.  *sigh*.  As inescapable as "I Will Survive"...

    ...ok, maybe not.

  • 7 Elton John's song about a girl named Nikita (nevermind that, as anybody who watched pop-up video knows, that's a boy's name in Russia...was Elton hinting at something back then? ;) )
  • 6 INXS smash their way to a renewed fame with What You Need
  • 5 My absolute all time least fav Prince song ever.  And I do mean that.  Kiss.
  • 4 John Cougar Mellencamp's ROCK in the USA.

    odd memory associated with this: at the time, the PE class was "conditioning", where we were alternating between weight-room and aerobics.  This song was one of the songs we did Aerobics to, so it sticks out with that.  Similarly, last week (and maybe this week's) #1, These Dreams, I first really got to hear playing over the radio in the weight room, so as soon as I hear it, I think of that room (and how embarrassingly skinny I was at the time).

  • 3 Atlantic Starr are still holding at #3 with Secret Lovers.  meh...
  • 2 Nope, Heart drops to #2 with the Nancy Wilson led These Dreams
making the new #1...
  1. Falco's Rock Me Amadeus
And with that, I'm back to cleaning.  later, all...
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...probably won't be heavily covered, as I have to do a lot of cleaning and no in the room that has the computer.  Maybe I'll get lucky and it's one I've already done, or less lucky as it'll be one that sucks...

and it is...March 20, 1982, in my 6th grade year and first year really caring about it.  Last Week...
  • #3 I Love Rock n Roll
  • #2 Open Arms
  • #1 Centerfold
And I believe this will be the week where #3 and #1 swap around Journey's only #2 that stays there, I week I definitely remember, 27 years ago...Anyways, I've covered this part of 1982 several times before, and it is often ballad-heavy (a Feb 1982 had 11 ballads in a row)and full of crossover-country (ah, the days of Alabama and Eddie Rabbit), as MTV hadn't quite brought the New Wave into the mainstream, so you'll get random bullet-thoughts rather than song-by-song lists this time 'round. (ok, up to 30 and i'm still tagging each one...guess I lied...)

so here we go... )

and into the top ten we go...
  • 10 Something I never really had 'til the (terrible in hindsight) Atari version, Pac Man Fever
  • 9 The Cars Shake It Up, one which I really liked and liked even more when I finally got to see the video that would still be in modest rotation on MTV during the summer @ my cousin's.
  • 8 Diana Ross's Mirror Mirror, owing a lot more to the disco 70s we just left, much like Kool and the Gang's output at the time.
  • 7 ONJ's Make a Move On Me, her followup to one of the tops of the decade, Physical.  This didn't do nearly as well, as we now know.
  • 6 The GoGos have still Got The Beat (with the #1 album).  Strange to see this video, where while singing a straight-out pop-rock song with some early 60s retro to it, they act like they're still the punk band of 3 years earlier that had no idea how to even play their instruments.
  • 5 the 4th group to have their first 6 hit songs chart into the top 5.  Joining the Jacksons, Elvis, and the Monkees (not the Beatles, impressively enough), Air Supply with Sweet Dreams. I was a HUGE fan of this at the time...I got better.
  • 4 Stevie Wonder's sound hasn't really changed much from his start to this hit, That Girl.

    now we'll see if I was right...BINGO!

  • 3 Centerfold
  • 2 Open Arms
  • 1 I Love Rock and Roll!
Now to continue cleaning...
acroyear: (rock) March 9, 1985, 2/3rds through freshman year. I've covered a March 1985 before, but I didn't date that one so I'm not sure if it's the same one.  I didn't do these in # by # detail back then, so there will be more details here.  At any rate, any comments from there will probably still stand if the song is still around on today's.

40-21... )And into the top ten we go with...
  • 10 Kool and the Gang are still going with Misled
  • 9 Sheena Easton's first Prince-created single, Sugarwalls
  • 8 Foreigner wants to know where their guitars went...and what love is, while they're at it.
  • 7 Pointer Sisters with one of many Beverly Hills Cop songs, Neutron Dance
  • 6 Julian Lennon's Much Too Late For Goodbyes.
  • 5 Madonna's namesake, Material Girl, is the biggest jumper in the countdown today.  By this point, I think we were all pretty sure she wasn't going anywhere compared to most pop contemporaries...
  • 4 David Lee Roth's "I still have a career, really!" cover of California Girls.
  • 3 Glen Fry with the other huge Beverly Hills Cop song, The Heat Is On
  • 2 Wham's Careless Whisper, one which, like all Wham songs, I never really heard until after it was already out of the main pop scene. Never did understand why.
Making the #1 song of 24 years ago...
  1. that cliche-ridden powerballad, drilled back into our consciousness by Hallmark this past year, REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore
g'nite all.  i'm back to cleaning.
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is...March 3, 1984 (25 years ago!), probably the year I most paid attention to pop.  I've not blogged this one (I have a later March '83, but not this one), so here we go.  As noted in that one, real rock was slowly taking over from the late pop before Madonna would start a brand new "dance" culture.  Here, we're in the new wave craze at its most popular and polished.

One thing I note looking at this now (as of #12) is how I *didn't* buy a lot of these on '45 compared to that 1983 set a few weeks back.  Most of my spending cash at the time went to comic books (two stores in the area, and back-issues of the then #1 series Teen Titans were expensive on a 13 year old's budget).  My parents gave me a hook-on bike-radio for Christmas, am-only, and there was an am pop station (the types that stopped existing within 5 years) so I got my fix that way, followed by MTV as soon as I got home, instead of buying the songs.  *Everybody* biked if they didn't take the bus.  Some of my teachers weren't too happy with me having the radio (which I did take with me rather than leave on the bike to get stolen).

I'd even generally stopped taping songs off the radio as for whatever reason, Y-103's playlist started to suck compared to this am station but the am station's quality wasn't worth taping.

I stopped biking when we moved to DC.  It simply wasn't something people did to get to school, not sure why.  Bikes parked in school parking racks were targets for theft, not examples of healthy living.  It didn't help that NoVa has far more hills one has to bike over than the mostly flat Florida plains, and my bike wasn't a 10-speed but a large-scale dirt bike.

The other thing is that some that I really liked my dad liked too (The Thomson Twins, for example) so he would get them instead, on album of course, though he did that more once in DC and having the Waxie Maxie's on his lunch path in Crystal City.

last week
  • 3 99 Baloons
  • 2 Karma Chameleon
  • 1 Van Halen's Jump
and we start this week with... )
Now into the top ten we go...
  • 10 Speaking of Huey Lewis and the News, here's I Want a New Duck Drug
  • 9 Shannon, Let the Music Play, which I never heard on the radio (that am station never played it, being more oriented to the pop-rock side than the dance/early hip-hop scene) but got a lot of play by the local DJ the social groups I was in hired for dances.
  • 8 The Police, knocking down candles in their final year ('86's greatest hit doesn't count), with Wrapped Around Your Finger.

    Send in the Clowns, a long distance dedication, is another song I just don't get.

  • 7 Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, currently back on the airwaves as a commercial
  • 6 Culture Club's Karma Chameleon, once a #1, is on its way down.
  • 5 The late John Lennon, Nobody Told Me, the last single they'd release with him until Free as a Bird was assembled by Yoko and the surviving Beatles for the Anthropology releases.
  • 4 Michael Jackson's Thriller is introduced by an excerpt of Eddie Murphy's impersonation.
  • 3 Cindy Lauper's first hit, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • 2 Nena's 99 Luftballons.

    There was a show on PBS that would teach phonics and grammer by playings videos with lyrics as subtitles, highlighting in blue what they were emphasizing, like "verbs" or the schwa sound.  They did 99 Luftballons in the German emphasizing nouns where the blue highlight was kinda pointless: all nouns in German are capitalized so they already stuck out.

    so staying at number one...

  • 1 Van Halen's Jump!
Though I don't understand how anybody can call them a "Heavy Metal" band considering how much keyboard plastic is made famous here...

Reviewing past AT40s, I find that Say Say Say which was #1 a mere 5 weeks earlier, is entirely out of the countdown.
acroyear: (erk?) nearing the end of my High School era, with Feb 27th, 1988.  I've done the one 2 weeks later, so there will be some overlap with that...I've also heard this one before, but in the car so I couldn't live-blog it.

Last Week...
  • 3 Could've Been - Tiffany
  • 2 What Have I Done To Deserve This - Pet Shop Boys (which stays at #2 while a number of #1s move around it)
  • 1 Seasons Change - Expose
40-11... )Into the top ten we go...
  • 10 Miami Sound Machine's Can't Stay Away, though technically, things were really being credited "Gloria Estefan and ..." by this time (and XM just credits it to her and not the band at all)
  • 9 Paul Carrack's decent Don't Shed a Tear
  • 8 Belinda Carlisle with I Get Weak.

    I note this week that it has *3* female singers who later would do photo spreads for Playboy.

  • 7 Foreigner, Say You Will, Say You Won't (play a guitar tonite...).  No, I'll never stop picking on them.
  • 6 Seasons Change also drops out of the top spot quite a bit.
  • 5 Eric Carmen's Dirty Dancing hit, Hungry Eyes.
  • 4 Rick Astley rick-rolls us with Never Gonna Give You Up.  Guess in '88, you gotta expect it.  In the UK it had been a hit for a year already.
  • 3 Patrick Swayze also Dirty Dances with She's Like the Wind
  • 2 What Have I Done To Deserve This stays at number 2 as others move around it.  The "Open Arms" and "Waiting for a Girl Like You" of the late 80s...I really didn't like this at the time, but 20 years later it's become one of my fav Pet Shop Boys songs.

    And the new #1...


    fortunately wikipedia usually has the number ones, so here it is:

  • 1 Father Figure from George Michael
So nothing I really wanted to hear, but still XM's about to get a semi-nasty email from me...and I also have concluded that if I never hear "You Shook Me All Night Long" ever again, I could still die happy.
acroyear: (sigh) gonna suck.  Feb 16, 1980.  Disco, crossover country, cheesy ballads, and the very rare new wave hit.  i might spot-highlight a surprise or two, but I ain't doin' the line by line.

to hint, last week's top three were Coward of the County (Kenny Rogers), Do that to me one more time (Captain & Tennille), and Michael Jackson's Rock With You was #1.  Yeah, we're 0 for 3 here, guys.

Even Styx can't have a good one.  DeYoung was trying his "broadway" pop-stylings in Cornerstone's Why Me, styles that would eventually lead to Kilroy and the first breakup.  In spite of it's success, I find Cornerstone to be my least fav Styx album after the first four (pre-Shaw) records.  Let me put it this way: a 2-disc "greatest hits" cd set and this song didn't make that while songs that weren't even singles did.

And all these years later I still have no idea what to make of Zep's "Fool in the Rain".

top 3 - Kenny holds, Freddie (doing Elvis) in #2, and Captain and Tennille's last top 40 hit ever winds up in #1.  What a way to go out, 'eh?

btw, Casey repeated the now proven false rumor they were married Feb 14, 1974.  they were actually officially married on vet's day, 1975.
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February 12, 1983

Halfway through the 7th grade, with the only good thing I remember about it being that I'd finally gotten something interesting in my math class after 3 years straight of 3digit x 2digit multiplication.

Last week's #1 was Toto's Africa, which I contributed to (I still have the 45)
and on we go... )
  • 10: the covers continue with Phil Collins saying You Can't Hurry Love
  • 9: The Stray Cats Strut.  oddly, the b-side for their other single of this time (Rock This Town) had You Can't Hurry Love as a b-side.  Another where the video was out months before it finally hit the top 40
  • 8: The Clash Rock the Casbah, another video that never stops playing
  • 7: Another Country Ballad, Eddie Rabbit with Crystal Gayle, Just You And I
  • 6: Hall and Oats's other huge one from H2O, a former #1 still holding on at #6 for 3 weeks, Maneater
  • 5: whoa, Toto's Africa drops out of the #1 spot.
  • 4: Bob Seger's Shame on the Moon.  meh...
  • 3: Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing, a song I really remain tired of.
  • 2:Patty Austin and James Ingraham duet with Baby Come to Me, another 70s cheesy ballad hangover

    but the new Number 1...
  • 1: Men at Work, with Down Under

    yes: I own that 45, too!
g'nite all.  I'm doing service pack updates on this's hoping it comes back to life after that...
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is Feb 7, 1987, chugging through the depressing junior year.

never liveblogged this before, but i really don't have time as i need to work in the garage.  will listen, of course.  maybe i'll hit it at 8pm next week.

nah, probably not.  short summary:

Bon Jovi, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson, post-Cetera Chicago, Journey, lots of others, and the new #1 was Madonna's Open Your Heart.
acroyear: (disney toad) January 25, 1986, halfway through my sophomore year.  Oddly, i was just thinking about this year last night for reasons I don't know. Still, should be exciting (right...)

Last week's tops were
  1. Party all the Time
  2. Say You Say Me
  3. That's What Friends Are For (which will stay there forever, as it's still #1 according to a Feb '86 recap I just looked up).
40-11 )And into the top ten we go with...
  • 10. Paul McCartney's Spies Like Us.  Cute song for a somewhat crappy movie.  The video pretty much showed every funny sequence in 1/30th the time.
  • Eddie Murphy's only hit, Party All The Time drops big time to #9.  Eddie at the time says he wanted to be a variety artist, like old school Vaudeville acts that sang and did comedy sketches.  Raw, unfortunately for that dream, would paint him strictly as a raunchy (if brilliant) comic for years until he started doing the kids films.  Today, "Donkey" can sing, but "Eddie Murphy" is still just an actor.
  • Klimaxx says "I Miss You" and acroyear70 says "I didn't miss this song...and still don't"
  • Another overplayed video, Dire Straights doing the Walk of Life
  • Bruce gets his 7th hit from Born in the USA, My Hometown, tying Michael Jackson's Thriller for most hits from single album.  I think the only other to get that to that bar was Def Leppard's Histeria, also with 7.
  • 5, I'm Your Man from Wham.  A VERY different meaning, now that we know far more about George Michael than we did 23 years ago...
  • Stevie Nicks says you can Talk To Me
  • Survivor's Burning Heart, also from Rocky 4, is at #3.  As I wrote before, I had no idea this wasn't the same singer as Eye of the Tiger, who'd left due to voice problems (but rejoined years later).  The original singer does beer commercial jingles now.
  • Say You Say Me from Lionel Richie holds at #2, leaving the #1 song intact...
  • That's What Friends are For.
So it ends with another overplayed on MTV hit, but at least it was for a good cause.

Enjoy the game, or whatever you do to avoid it.  I should be back next week...
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January 19th, 1985.  Halfway through the freshman year.  And one I've done before, though I've few memories at this point, so I'll keep listening, but no liveblogging.
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Is January 14, 1984

Last Week's top 3 were...
  • Union of the Snake
  • Say it isn't So
  • Say Say Say (which as we know from last week it was the #1 song of the year, not saying much for the year to come)
So this was my 8th grade year, in the deep of a north florida winter.  Not too many memories of this other than digging the music.  I remember more about the spring, once biking around became a little less painful.  One particularly annoying day around this time was that my dog followed me to school and I had to wait it out (outside in the cold) while the office called my mom to give me permission to walk her back.

The PE class would actually still have outdoor games even if it was near freezing (that school has a gym building now, but they didn't back then).  I remember a particularly frozen soccer game with us all yell-singing "we're having a heat wave!".  didn't work too well.

And the countdown is off on a good start with...
40: Send me an Angel from Real Life
39-21... )
And into the top 10 we go with
10: Richie continues (this one on its way up), Running with the Night
9: Culture Club's Karma Chameleon
8: Elton John guesses Why They Call It The Blues
7: Break My Stride, from Matthew Wilder.  [ profile] faireraven loves this but I was 'meh then and 'meh now.
6: The Romantics hear you Talking In Your Sleep.  Liked it, but since I started my 80s revival, it's come up a little too much on XM Radio's playlists.
5: ONJ's Twist of Fate, which really grew on me recently in my fitness craze given the tempo.  Probably was a big aerobics song (after Physical, which started the craze).  Written by the same guy who wrote Physical and much of the non-ELO tracks from Xanadu.  This would be the last hit he'd write.
4: Duran Duran's Union of the Snake dropped out of the top 3.
3: Say It Isn't So helps Hall & Oats surpass The Everly Brothers as top duo of all time
2: Yes's Owner of a Lonely Heart from 90125 hits #2 (on its way to #1, Yes's biggest anything ever).  Most probably know this (not sure if Casey ever did), but Trevor Rabin had this sketched and demoed before he met Squire and White (nevermind Jon, who joined late in the process), and had gotten the idea for the original riff while sitting on the toilet.  Some classic Yes fans consider that prophetic of the Rabin years, but I didn't care.

Oddly, Michael Jackson's Thriller is still the #1 album, even though he's not in the countdown with anything from it, as his single is #1 without being actually from that album:

1: Say Say Say

And with that, I'm eating lunch and cleaning the kitchen.

(technical issues, the "now playing" is off - it hasn't shown the right song yet, and actually isn't even close (like it's calling The Fixx's Sign of Fire as Chicago's Stay the Night!)...but I'm not complaining)
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Is the 50 top hits of...1980.  *sigh*.  Yet another day of late-era disco, cheesy ballads (Dan Fogelberg's Longer starts it off), the rare pop-rock song (Queen will likely show up later), some cross-over country (overlapping that ballad thing), and nothing really worth talking about.  no live-blogging today.

Update: I was surprised.  In spite of the heavy disco stuff, the #2 song of 1980 was Pink Floyd (Brick in the Wall 2) and #1 was Blondie's Call Me
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is December 15, 1984.  My first winter in DC, my first snows, freshman year.  Still 90 lb weakling at only 5'0", and absolutely hating having to take *wrestling* of all things in PE.  I never had much choice in what I was stuck with in those classes...

Lets see if this one works better than last week's technical hassle...40-11... )
And into the top ten...
  1. Cyndi Lauper's All Through The Night.  I quite like this one, actually.
  2. Pat Benatar's We Belong. Did any of us know she was actually 31 by then?  Of course, so was Cyndi Lauper, too.  Pat was older by only 6 months.
  3. "Teen Idols" Wham (his words, not mine), with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.  As I've written before, I tended to find out about Wham songs AFTER they peaked, and I've never been sure why.
  4. New Edition, the boy band (average age at the time, 15 1/2) that would spin off Bell Biv DeVoe and platinum albums from the other members including Bobby  Brown, with Cool It Now.
  5. Paul McCartney, with the help of David Gilmour, gives his regards to broad street with No More Lonely Nights
  6. Robert Plant and his Honeydrippers on their retro hit Sea of Love.  Not a big fan of the song's style, then or now, so this has never gripped me at all.  I remain ungripped.
  7. Chaka Kahn's I Feel For You.  Always a reason to switch channels *real fast*, then and now.  bleh.
  8. Madonna's Like a Virgin.  I won't bother repeating Gallagher's comment at the time.
  9. Duran Duran's Wild Boys, the obligatory studio track for their live album.  Not my fav, and I've never quite been sure what they were trying to achieve.  In hindsight, they probably weren't either, which is why they took time off to do Power Station and Arcadia for a couple of years.

    And the current number one...

  10. Hall and Oats's Out of Touch, their 6th (and last) number one hit.
Not a bad set, I think, and makes up a lot for the last 3 weeks of boring years (1980) and technical crap.  No live-blog next week, 'cause we'll be listening to it in the car driving back from Christmas in North Carolina.


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