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Clara's gravestone.

The birth date.

November 23, 1866.

geeze, and I thought I was intrigued before...
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Life, Doctor Who & Combom: Christopher Eccleston Explains Why He Left Doctor Who: I left the following comment,
It is possible that the politics went higher up than RTD and Julie Gardner. Remember the BBC still had strong memories of the 1996 failure to reboot, as well as there are always those within the Beeb that simply hate the show no matter what its international appeal. Grade didn't act alone in 1985, even if that's the historical reputation he's given. So really I think RTD and Gardner were on CE's side trying to protect him from BBC higher-level politics, especially those that wanted a more "dashing" leading man.

Granted, CE's attractive (and hell, I can say that and I'm straight), but has a very different charisma in his character - he has to act through his looks (and does so brilliantly) rather than DT who can take advantage of his more comforting appearance. Some in the BBC (those who hire for Eastenders, or see the looks of those the competition gets on Coronation Street) saw a less physically perfect leading man as a detriment.

I also think most of this played out long before the first episode made it to the air and CE and RTD had the massive success they did. If CE had to feel like he had to defend himself in spite of that success, well, there's better things to do with one's life than argue with the BBC.
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is not Hoover Dam, and I'm not sure if they intended it to be interpreted as such (we'll know next week).

it is spoiler warning ).
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So there was a very subtle, mere 3 word reference, in this week's Who episode that directly referenced 5...
spoilers, sweetie... )
I love Moffat for this type of hint.  Subtle, makes us old farts feel good, but doesn't hurt anybody who's never seen the reference before.

what if...

Mar. 7th, 2011 12:55 pm
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...the current Doctor Who stories were novelized by Target?
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particularly a museum that has lots of other records of The Doctor in it...

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I'm finding in the discussions on the LJ Doctor Who forums that all of the picky-detail arguing over Amy Pond's birth date and age are annoyingly reminiscent of the arguments over dating UNIT events back in the 1970s...
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...why i so rarely read the LJ doctor who comms anymore.  15 fan-fic posts, 1 post (with 28 comments) that does nothing but complain about how *slow* the classic series was, and at least 2 more "I just created an LJ comm 'Amy is better than Rose, but I want to dream about Eleven doing them both', please join!" type postings, all make for something i don't need to waste my time with.

p.s., get off my lawn.


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:57 pm
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2nd shovel so far, and i now have a pedestrian-width path to what had been cleared of the culdesac from the previous storm so one can walk out.  not quite drivable yet.

slowly doing a dr who "snow" marathon of Tomb of the Cybermen (2), Attack of the Cybermen (6), Ribos Operation (4), and Planet of the Ood (10) - yeah, pretty even numbers, that.

as posted on FB: From the "crap you can't make up" department: i took my 80s-workout mp3player on my last shovel round, and first random song it comes up with: Freeze Frame (J. Giels Band). This was followed by *3* "time" songs in a row: Forgotten Years, Time (Clock of the Heart), and Don't You Forget About Me. (and even the next song... was time related: Method of Modern Love)

back to (virtual) work...
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Wikipedia Contributors Mostly Male | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:
A new study of Wikipedia showed that 87 percent of the site's editors were male. What do you think?

Dale North,
Armored Car Driver
"This just proves how much manpower it takes to keep the Dr. Who page current."
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(image by [ profile] cyberkender, originally meant to be a Cthulu Brain, but, well, I saw something different and ran with it...)

They're Pinky and The Ood 
Yes, Pinky and The Ood
One is a genius
He's also a nice dude.
They're laboratory mice
Their genes have been spliced
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Ood, Ood, Ood, Ood
Ood, Ood, Ood, Ood

Before each night is done
Dinner plans will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun
They'll serve coffee to the world.

They're Pinky and The Ood
Yes, Pinky and The Ood
Their easy going mood
Is served up with the food.
To prove their mousey worth

Serving cocktails to the Earth
They're dinky
They're Pinky and The Ood, Ood, Ood, Ood
Ood, Ood, Ood, Ood
My Pleasure!
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My reply to: But why? Why did Eccleston step down? Why is Tennant stepping down? *pout*

But Why? Why was Tom Baker so horribly typecast by the British film and TV industry that nobody would ever give him a role worthy of his talents, thus creating the very fear that caused Davison, Tennant, and Eccleston to be nervous about what a long-term role can do to a career?

Who fans have been in what has been an unusual situation: the actor choosing to leave the show, which hadn't happened since 1984.

Neither Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, nor Paul McGann chose to leave. The Powers That Be simply made the decisions from on high and these respected actors and their collectively (in my opinion) unfinished characters were left to rot for years until novels and audios did each of them some justice to the actors' and writers' vision.

In a sense, I consider Tennant and Eccleston to be lucky in that they themselves had the choice. It hasn't always been thus.
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I saw something interesting and (I thought) appropriate.

I joined the group.

I posted.

NOBODY but the mod complained that it was "not appropriately on topic".

Nobody.  Everybody who replied (12 total) seemed to love what I posted.

It got deleted by the mod for totally arbitrary reasons that I can't fathom because it wasn't against any rules I read.

I left.

Not going back.


I'm too fucking old for this shit.

UPDATE: the mod said there were "complaints" sent to them.


nobody in that comm (supposedly 6000) has the fucking guts to tell me personally they thought it was off topic?  As I wrote:
do you really want to be running a comm full of "mommy, mommy, he' posted something that's, well, ALMOST off-topic"?

really?  is that the attitude you want to foster?
Not expecting a reply, and couldn't care anymore.  I'm too damn old and have been on the 'net too damn long to put up with yet another overly-judgmental usenet group of self-proclaimed experts of attitude idiocy.
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seriously, about the only way the brits are gonna top this is to hire Tennant (whether he's still the Doctor in 2012 or not) to duplicate the scene from Fear Her, missing audience and all!
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Theres Always Someone Worse Off Than You (from This Is Local London):
Experience should have told me that whenever someone offers you more money than even you think you are worth - there is a strong possibility that they don't know what they are doing.
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Doctor Who and the Fan Who Never Was - currybetdotnet - 3 April, 2008:
It never ceases to amaze me that your favourite thing ever can be a show that basically uses the vehicle of traveling through time and space to scream at the top of its lungs "Isn't life and the universe fantastic? Aren't people amazing when they are put in difficult situations? Isn't there some beauty and goodness in every sentient being in creation?", and then you hate gay people.


So basically the person behind the response doesn't think it matters if Big Finish go out of business and stop making audio Doctor Who, doesn't like the way the 'Restoration Team' have restored old episodes for DVD release, and can't watch the new series without editing it first to take out all the gay bits that they object too.

My suggestion?

If it makes them that angry, and they hate it all so much, perhaps they should think about getting a different favourite programme...
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meme from everywhere - when you see this, quote Doctor Who.

Well, you're a beautiful woman, probably...
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