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1999->2000 was probably the busiest NYE I'd ever had.

The morning was simple enough, morning tea (I hadn't started the coffee addiction yet), watching the PBS coverage of each time zone's NY moment (at that point, things were already starting in China and SE Asia, and I'd missed New Zealand and Japan already).  I can't remember exactly when [ profile] faireraven arrived, if she'd been around for a while or arrived that day. Things do blur as a result of the rest of the night...

Most of the afternoon was also a blur, as it was mostly prepping for the night.

430-530pm, faireraven and I have dinner (and I have a beer) in Old Town Alexandria at Virginia Beverage (now long gone :( ), watching the midnight events of Jerusalem, Finland, Cairo, Moscow, and South Africa.

For all of the fireworks and music and dancing, South Africa's New Year was probably the most stirring: President Nelson Mandela led a candlelight vigil through the prison he's spend most of the last 30 years in.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing GMT's change (London, Paris, Mike Oldfield in Berlin) due to having to be at a coffee shop closer to the King Street Metro, as a courtyard on King Street was the location Foggy Bottom Morris had been assigned to entertain audiences at First Night Alexandria.  We did one stand, then a beer or two in Hard Times, then another stand, freezing, but the audiences seemed amused.  First time I'd played "Devil Doubt" in the mummers play, 'cause Bill had to leave early for events in Maryland.  Fortunately, I didn't have to freeze anymore as I wasn't among the two picked to dance Lord of the Dance with Revels' performance at First Night Alexandria over at the courthouse square.

We leave Old Town Alexandria and head up Braddock Road to the Clan McArgh dinner party, which was amusing as always.  As that faded, we head to my office. 

Yes, my office.

No, I didn't have to work.

At the time, my office building was the triangle-shaped SRA building by the Courthouse in Arlington.  My window had THE VIEW - I could see unblocked from the Cathedral all the way to the Pentagon.  It was an annual tradition to gather up there, 11th floor, to see the fireworks on July 4th.  So knowing this, we came up to watch the fireworks on the mall for the New Year.

It was a bit of a mess, really, as they had the fireworks in two waves - the first wave was small one that happened right at 12, and then a subsequent wave happened at about 12:45, coordinated with the show actually happening on the mall (a show running horribly behind schedule, as usual - DC's gotten better since then).  We were listening to the radio broadcast of WTOP through the 'net to find out what was going on, as even they didn't know.  We also flipped through and saw the grainy video of Philadelphia's party as well.  Nobody reported any major Y2K bluffs at all...

Come 1pm, show's over, we head home, forgetting that like July 4, most of the Potomac roads I know are closed.  Oops.  Takes about 45 minutes to get back to Burke.  Zonk and good night.

Next day was (I *think*) our first visit to the [ profile] queenmaggie First Day party in Frederick, a tradition that sadly is no more (but we'll still see her tomorrow!).

So that was our day, 10 years ago.  What was yours?
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FBMM's annual walking tour of the National Capital area is this Saturday.

Teams featured:

  • Foggy Bottom Morris Men, Washington, DC
  • Albemarle Morris Men, Charlotteville, VA
  • Ann Arbor Morris, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Cold Barn Morris, Hamilton, ONT
  • Kingsessing Morris Men, Philadelphia, PA

Schedule as planned (rain in the morning may affect things, but we try to stay under the canopies near the metro escalator, depending on how p.o.'ed security decides to get).

  • 10:30-11:30AM Coffee & Dancing @ Union Station West Carriage Porch - 40 Massachusetts Ave, NE, (alternate dance sun location Columbus Plaza)

  • 11:30-12:45PM The Dubliner (selections from the brunch menu) - 4 F Street, NW, 202.737.3773
    • this is a private event (and the place gets crowded in any case)

  • 12:45-1:00PM Process to US Capitol
  • 1:00-1:50PM Dance @ US Capitol Lower West Terrace
    • (rain location: tour the Capitol Visitor’s Center – no dancing or large bags allowed)

  • 1:50-2:15PM Parade to Hawk ‘n Dove
  • 2:15-3:15PM Hawk ‘n Dove (Guiness, Bass, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Hefeweizen) - 329 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, 202,543.3300
    • This is crowded, but open to the public. Here is normally our public pub sing of the day.

  • 3:15-3:30PM Promenade to Eastern Market
  • 3:30-4:15PM Dance at Port City Java (opposite Eastern Market) - 701 N. Carolina Ave. SE, 202.543.1819
    • a subset will be dancing nearby outside Tunnicliff’s Tavern, 222 7th St. NE 202.544.5680

  • 4:15-4:30PM March to Stanton Park
  • 4:30-5:15PM Dance @ Stanton Park, NE - Massachusetts & Maryland Aves @ 5th (rain location Union Pub 201 D St NE or Cap City)

  • 5:15-5:30PM Amble to Capital City Brewing Company (sidewalk dance at cafes on Mass Ave.)
  • 5:30-6:15PM Dance @ Cap City Plaza

  • 6:15PM -??? Feast & Pubbing at Cap City, the Postmaster General Suite - private event, as we have the back room.
So now you know where to find us...or where to avoid... ;)
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For sale -- an English village:
LINKENHOLT, England (Reuters) – An entire English village, complete with 22 houses and cottages, two blacksmiths and a cricket pitch, goes on sale this week.

The charitable trust which owns Linkenholt in Hampshire, southern England, has decided to sell up and use the capital it raises elsewhere.

The asking price when Linkenholt goes on the open market on Wednesday is 22-25 million pounds ($31-35 million), according to Jackson-Stops & Staff estate agents who are handling the sale.

The archetypal English village is nestled in rolling countryside and boasts a manor house, old rectory and clock tower and is part of a 2,000-acre estate.
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NewsBiscuit: Councils powerless to prevent surge in ‘Table Morris Dancing’:
Councils powerless to prevent surge in ‘Table Morris Dancing’

Local councils have complained that they are struggling to halt the increasing popularity of late night clubs offering Table Morris Dancing. Once respectable areas are suddenly finding themselves swamped by stag nights or crowds of businessman away from home on a work trip, all prepared to pay good money to watch Morris Dancers perform on a table in front of them for their pleasure.

‘These clubs offer the whole experience’ said one concerned Manchester councillor. ‘The Morris dancers get up on the tables and then wave their hankies about, jiggle their little bells and if someone is prepared to stuff a wad of notes in their gaiter, they might even bang their sticks together. It’s disgusting.’

The Morris Dancers themselves defend themselves against accusations that their occupation is unhealthy and sordid. ‘I’m proud of my interest in English folk traditions and if other men want to pay me good money to prance about on the table in front of them, I can’t see how that means I am being exploited,’ said one dancer from ‘Secrets’ in Euston, North London.

But local residents have been horrified to discover that this sort of thing is going on in the heart of their community and are frustrated that local authorities seem powerless to ban it. ‘Although there are bouncers and dark glass and everything, my children know that on the other side of that door there are middle aged men dressing up in green waistcoats and funny hats who are jigging about for the entertainment of some seedy businessmen,’ said one local mother.

The licensing agreement stipulates that club members are not permitted to touch the Morris Dancers, but an investigation by Manchester Council revealed that some men will pay extra to have a quick wave of the handkerchief themselves or may offer cash to dancers to adjust the traditional formation to get more attention to their table. The investigation fell apart however, when the councillor leading the fact-finding study was photographed in a private booth, having a one to one with a Morris lap dancer who was letting him bang sticks with him while dangling his hat ribbons over his face.
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Grokked from this entry, I gave a try and these are some of the better ones...
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There are three things a pub manager can do when a morris troop invades, gets a round of beers, and feels like starting a pub sing as per real traditions of ages long gone:
  1. leave the p.a. music on at its current volume and try to ignore it.
  2. turn the p.a. music up in an attempt to insultingly shut them up.
  3. turn the p.a. music off and let the moment happen, especially when the German band who were at the same festival event decide to join in.
Last year, mgmt at the Glen Echo Irish Inn chose option 1.  We almost didn't show up this year.

This year, we gave it a try anyways.

The (apparently new) mgmt chose option 3.

And it was most excellent. Sea Shanties, an Irish pub song or two (upon request), Nick's Hellship (same song the Pyrates do, but more like Nick did it whilst he was around), the Monty Python Philosopher's Song (the only German I knew - at least in the names...), and a few German football (re: soccer) songs.

Would that more places were so enlightened.

job done

May. 1st, 2008 02:31 pm
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up at 410, danced by 610.  sun came up.  job done.  Not necessarily well done, as it rained a little later on, but we blame the guys on the team who left early and didn't stay with us all day into our 3rd stand in Silver Spring.

beer was drunk.

me not so much, but still tired.

"national day of prayer" indeed - I almost think its the the evangelical-political christians trying to hijack May Day back from the Morris and Celtic traditions that originated it (hundreds of years ago, mind you) and the socialist traditions that embraced it in the 1920s.

its not going to work.  Heck, in today's news, no one even mentioned it.  but Morris May Day and Socialist May Day ('cause of the protests on the west coast ports that probably did much more harm than good) both got plenty of mentions around the country and world.

You don't establish a tradition by simply passing a law.  really.  it doesn't work that way.

Joe Shelby, "Part Time Heathen".
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I've always wanted to do this...again...
the icon collection... )
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Pictures I took from a very long May Day in 1999, where I was up before dawn and then turned around and drove all the way down to Fredericksburg for the Otter invasion dinner of VARF (at Spanky's).

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Nick wasn't a regular attendee of the Maryland festival, but in little ways his influence and friendship has inspired many of its performers over the years. He was the author of "Hellship", performed by the Pyrates Royale on Lyve at First Night, and "Hot Meat" performed on rare occasion by me at gatherings of MDRF fans and once or twice the old cast talent show (never in front of patrons).

He also taught me to dance solo Morris jigs and helped greatly in the process of turning [ profile] faireraven from a violinist into a fine fiddler. Either of those not there and there would have been no Cat & Fiddle Morris...

I fine member of the DC and international folk music community.  We will miss him greatly.

"You know Nick, this is an acquired taste."

"Yes son, it's one worth acquiring."

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Yes, Cat & Fiddle Morris presents the "there's a ringing in [ profile] thatliardiego 's ears that will never go away" show!

A full-strength side of Foggy Bottom Morris Men (counting me) will be performing during the Cat & Fiddle spots on Saturday.

We'll be poking holes in the boardwalk at 11:30 and up by the info booth at 2:30!
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The Foggs will have our final dance-out of the season in an informal bar to bar tour of Arlington, VA, this Thursday the 28th

We're gathering at the Liberty Tavern (Wilson & N. Irving) between 7 and 8, and will dance 2-4 stops (around 15-20 min each) while walking from there to Irelands Four Courts where we'll finish up between 9:30pm and 10pm.

Feel free to join us at either end for a beer, or along the way if you wanna play groupie!

[ profile] faireraven and I are certain to be there.
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job done.

much humor.

Me: "Would you pay 500 quid to see Barbara Streisand?"

Other Morris Dancer: "Do what?"


Me, calling a dance but saying the wrong thing: "AND um er HALF GYP"

[ profile] zombie_dog : "Hand and a half gyp"?  Would that be a bastard gyp?

Weather hit 80 degrees and no rain, so it appears the job was successful.  Now me and Debussy and Satie are taking a little nap...
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>Neighbors, please note that the announcement of holiday
>entertainments I just forwarded to the list includes the Foggy Bottom
>Morris Men doing their infamous Christmas Mummers Play at the Gazebo.
>This group, of which I am a member, has in past years performed this
>VERY SAME "entertainment" in the WACO neighborhood. I assure you that
>you can expect the same level of professionalism, the same tired
>lines, lame jokes, painful puns, and rotten acting. The "performers"
>will also do the perplexing and sedate Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, as
>well as some more energetic Morris Dances so that we, at least, will
>be warmer than the unfortunate audience. That's the evening of
>Thursday, Dec. 21 starting at 6:30 pm. You have been warned!
>Also, those of you with children, be advised that immediately
>following the Dec. 21 performance at the Gazebo, we will subject the
>annual Takoma Park Library Winter Solstice Celebration to the very
>same performance, though having run through it at the Gazebo, we
>might (faint hope) know our lines better by then. The program is in
>the Children's Room. Why you would want to subject a child to this is
>beyond me, unless of course he or she has been BAD.
>That program starts around 7:00 pm with more wholesome entertainments.
Sent by one of our members to a Takoma Park residents mailing list...
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Cat & The Fiddle Morris will return to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the full run!

We're missing 2 days of the run to support the MS Challenge Walk in september and 1 day with the Foggy Bottom Morris Men in Fells Point in October.

We're not sure if we'll be supporting a stage show - the ED won't know those needs until June, after cast auditions finish and the directors settle their shows based on cast talents.

Someone please buy [ profile] thatliardesmond some fresh ear plugs...

"I get paid for this!"
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[ profile] faireraven has just been told it would have been perfectly fine if she had decided to take the rest of yesterday off and danced with the foggs rather than go to work.  She'll post more on this topic in a bit...

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As you can see by and , the Foggy Bottom Morris (men) successfully awoke at 5, arrived at the Takoma Park Gazebo (across the street from HMT) at 6, started dancing at 6:05, and successfully woke the sun up for another year at 6:08.  Traditions were upheld (as opposed to the year the cops told us to go home), guests from other teams hung around, a good breakfast and decent conversation, then those with normal lives (or crappy vacation policies) left for work...

The rest of us held to proper Morris May Day tradition and continued dancing, first at the Takoma Park clock tower to get our 2 relatively new musicians (who were going to have to hold the fort the rest of the day as our more experienced gang all were in that real life zone).  at 945am, by car or by train, we headed south into the city...and guess what awaited us there?

(insert beethovan's 5th here...)

The Suspicious Package... (ooohh....).

Seriously, we have no idea how much of this made the news if at all, but the entire capitol reflecting pool from the Grant memorial around was closed off, and cops with some serious hardware were protecting it, as a "suspicious package" (some small briefcase) was discovered.  Because of the glass, should it have been a bomb, the Botanical Gardens (our next dance stop) was closed and evacuated of all non-essentials.  So a long around the block walk got us to a garden on the far side by independence ave, and dancing continued without issue.  The briefcase was silently, subtlely, but majesticly...blown up.  And we missed it...darn.

Long haul walk (well, 4 blocks, but darnnit it was uphill) to the Library of Congress, joined by a few other foggs and creekers who were normal enough to say "I don't do mornings..." but worked downtown, a few more dances, then off to the Dubliner for beers, lunch, and good company.

And the sun rises for another year...and my morris season for *this* year is done.

Icons made from photos by Andrew Marcus.


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