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I've kinda been busy, first with the SubFire player, then with prepping for a vacation, then finally taking said vacation in Orange County, CA (incl Discovery Cube, Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Disneyland and DCA, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, a Signing Time concert for my kid and a friend, and walking through Crystal Cove State Park (incl a Beach with interesting tide pools we don't get on the east coast).

So, watch the photo blog, 'cause lots of pics are coming in the next few weeks.

Plus here I may recap my thoughts on Disneyland.
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bookmarking for now.  She's finally getting old enough to enjoy some of these, even if not to remember them later.

  • GSM NP (there are shorter hikes on the Carolina side off of the main Klingman's Dome road that we didn't hit)
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Chimney Rock
  • Discovery Place (this can happen in November if we have time free around CRF)
Atlanta (should we do GARF)
  • ...
Close To Home Weekend Trips
  • Luray Caverns
  • Shenandoah NP (I still want to hit it in the fall colors, but we'll see - anyways, we totally missed Big Meadows last year)
  • Inner Harbor (Port Discovery, National Aquarium, Science Center) - we might stay in Glen Burnie overnight
  • Mt Vernon - lets see if she recognizes "the hermit" in a different costume/character :)
  • Great Falls / C&O Canal (I totally didn't visit Great Falls in 2012)
North (should we do Marlboro instead of GARF)
  • Acadia and Bar Harbor
  • Mystic Seaport
  • Watch Hill, RI (my family settled there in the 1630s)


Jun. 6th, 2010 06:24 pm
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...with 2 more (Utah, Nevada) that had previously only been visited through airports (and I tend not to count those).

Visited US States
My Visited US States

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2010-04-24 Vegas Stratosphere

Views of and from the Stratosphere, the highest building west of the Mississippi. There are some...interesting...rides up there which we didn't do, including a brand new (opened just that week) "free-fall" you can see people drop from while you're eating dinner...
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Selections from our various walks along the Vegas strip at night, including the Venetian, the Mirage's volcano and the Sirens of TI.
2010-04 Vegas At Night
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The Little Colorado is a river that runs through the Navaho reservation in northern Arizona and feeds into the greater Colorado river of the Grand Canyon. As such it has carved out some very impressive gorges one can visit when driving to the canyon's south rim from the east side.
2010-04-20 Little Colorado
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so after packing to 2am, 3 hours sleep, a 1hr delay, 4 hour flight, a 2 hr layover, half an hour to get the luggage, dinner, and walking 3 blocks for advil, we are now ready to...

...see the new (now somewhat old) Alice here at the cinemas in The Orleans.

sleep will happen someday...

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The ascent from the nothingness of Golden Valley through the low hills, to the tunnel at the main entrance of Yosemite Valley, on a day that was getting increasingly rainy and having us worry that Yosemite would be a complete washout...
So was the day a washout? We'll soon find out...
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Changing the mood a little for those who don't want to read about DC's current events...

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Just the best 100 or so (out of 1300), but WOW...

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ta da!

May. 26th, 2009 12:45 pm
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A little silliness @ the food and wine festival, DCA...
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of why Fripp calls p.a. music in hotel breakfast rooms "noise pollution".  i utterly pissed off 3 people here 'cause i was having to yell to try to talk on the phone with someone @ work while here.  the business center is open-air embedded within the breakfast bistro, and there's little carpet so all the loud music double-echos.  pain and misery of the inner ear canal.

at least our room was facing away from I-8 and was reasonably quiet...
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  1. Arrival and BogFest (the Poxy Boggards do an indoor concert @ the Doubletree in Monrovia)
  2. RPFS
  3. Disneyland for our anniversary
  4. San Diego Wild Animal Park and dinner at Stone Brewing's new Bistro (well, new to us, as it was still under construction in '06)
  5. Balboa Park (may or may not include either the Zoo or a museum or two)
  6. San Diego driving tour
  7. Lake Arrowhead Village
  8. Arrowhead->Barstow->Bakersfield->Visalia->Sequoia National Park
    • Great Forest Museum, plus the lighter trails
    • Staying in Wuksachi Lodge
  9. Hiking around Lodgepole and Wolverton, staying in Wuksachi another night
  10. Rt 99 to Sacramento, then maybe on to Napa Valley
  11. Muir Woods, photo-taking tour of San Francisco from a distance (here's hoping the fog stays light)
  12. San Francisco downtown landmarks
  13. o'dark-hundred flight to ATL
Friday in Atlanta is with Cyd's family and possibly my former co-workers.
Saturday and Sunday @ GARF
Monday (happy birthday Star Wars (32 years), and Tubular Bells (36), and happy towel day) noon fly home to Dulles, to try to get laundry going before the work week.


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