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Some of you might have seen this on FB, or 'cause I kept passing my phone around showing it, 'cause I think it's just great...

From MDRF 2011
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they cant update the web site just yet but confirmed on FB.
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If anybody needed a reminder as to why Maryland has one of the best sites in the world, perhaps this might work. All shots taken on October 24 (the cloudy day) and 25 (the sunny day).
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Directed by Tim Show -- Photos © 2009 Joseph Shelby
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Go to the festival anyways, to see the shows I never get to see and to have the camera out I'm not normally allowed to have!

Photos round 1 - court shows and street and pub scenes. Don Q and Much Ado still to be polished...

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And that means, for you people coming from the North (down I-97) that in addition to MDRF on an incredibly nice holiday weekend, there's also the Scottish Games at the Anne Arundel Fairgrounds just a half mile to the north.  Traffic's gonna be tough down that line, and likely 450 isn't going to be in the best of moods either.

Now throw into this the infamous boat show that fills every hotel for 30 miles and you're looking at a lot of traffic abounds.

Suggest following the pattern of some who have already planned to get there at practically o'dark-hundred and tailgate.  :)
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...i've gathered so far in back-reading that Adventurers weekend was wet, and Oktoberfest weekend was insanely busy (per its usual if it is dry).

any other excitements?
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i'm sorry that between work and the vacation plans (still not totally done at that), i haven't had the brain cycles left at the end of the day to actually be able to get the dvd-rom loaded into the computer and processed into youtube-safe bits, much less convert it to generic formats and all.

it's still on the todo list to be hopefully done by the end of MDRF.  we'll see what work slams me with when I get back...
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Forsooth! Characters of old address new needs - Giving-
Each month, Cause Celeb highlights a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause. This month, we speak with Lionel Ruland and Seth Bridges [Crossbones McCoy of the Crimson Pirates and Robin Hood], actors from the New York Renaissance Faire who are working to promote reading programs in over 100 libraries in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and support the efforts of local blood banks.


Sep. 9th, 2008 07:39 am
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Shocked and stunned...then amused.

Members of the NYRF cast are at the plaza on the Today Show and Al just spoke a bit (a very short bit) with the Queen!

Out of the 10 or so, I also recognize another Crimson (Grace), plus Dexter Tripp, and a couple of they're all talking with Jamie Lee Curtis! :)


Aug. 26th, 2008 07:22 pm
acroyear: (laundry day)'s garblaundry day.  I'd rather just go to sleep now...
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but please parents, explain to the kids that the 40 foot siege engines have to be left at home, ok?


seriously... )
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So, what is it with him and killing off female characters off-screen just before the big finish?

Two I can name at the top of my head, Lady Montegue (R&J), and Nell (Mistress Quickly/Pistol) in Henry V, but I'm pretty sure they're not the only ones.

It is interesting that in some R&J productions, they just sort of cut out the L.M. death (including the Zefferelli film), making me wonder that it wasn't so much a plot requirement as a pragmatic one for the actors - the actor (male) who played the character was needed for another role, and with today's use of women to play their parts, and sometimes playing men's roles to balance things better, that's less necessary.

Just a thought that occurred to me.  There are other off-screen "announcements" of deaths, some plot-related (Rosencranz and Gildenstern, of course), others not, just before the finale as well, again leading me to think it's a # of actors thing for the original production.  :)
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To quote Shelby from Sound & Fury, "I get that a lot..."

Seriously, am I excited 'bout opening day/weekend?

No, not really.  I let that kick in over the 3 day weekend.

The entirety of opening day for me is logistics.  Nothing but logistics.  Props here, props there, figuring out when shows are, figuring out where crowds will be that will make movement difficult, figuring out what to do for the inevitable prop left behind, figuring out if we'll get any new material, figuring out what collaboration requests will come along to fill in our unscheduled 3rd half-hour, figuring out if HMT will have new tambourines or other nifty things to budget for, figuring out which shows and acts are gone in order to answer the inevitable "what happened to ...", figuring out what shows are new and determining how into the "recommended" list they go, figuring where the "10 foot rule" will most affect my partner*, answering over and over again, "yes pub sing is back all season long and yes Hell Froze Over 'cause Jack Rackham is back today", and much more.  Oh, and then there's seeing everybody for the first time in 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 weather seasons, or even 3 faire seasons!

In short, I ain't got time to get excited.  I'll be lucky if I find time to eat.

And closing weekend is worse.

* oh - the answer to that is "everywhere".  duh...
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trust me - find the time and see this sometime during the run.  it ain't your 9th grade english class here, this is real and most excellent.  a lot of actors you "know" at festival are really stretching out and showing things you don't normally see from them during their Revel Grove (or court) characters.
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see some of you there!
acroyear: (don't let the) looking at these sneak peak pictures from Munchkin Booty!
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Skeptic: eSkeptic: Wednesday, December 12th, 2007:
The Immortal Lily The Pink
The 100th anniversary of the FDA marks a milestone in medicine before which cranks and charlatans ran amok...


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