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Feb. 10th, 2011 11:55 pm
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Scocca : Beer Commercials Are Not Stupid:
What are beer commercials about? The two central premises are these:

1. Beer—cheap, common, domestic beer—is a rare commodity that drives men mad with the desire to have it, at any cost.

2. Women are the great obstacle between men and the fulfillment of this desire.
This seems counter to the other standard beer commercial theme I see, which is where guys will always be guys, without beer, until a beautiful girl comes up to them and says "I have beer".

Not that I've been watching the right kind of TV to actually see beer commercials these days.  That would require actually watching TV besides The Today Show.
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see the pretty picture...
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Md. Firm, Anheuser-Busch Buy Old Dominion Brewing - washingtonpost.com:
Old Dominion Brewing, whose pub is a favorite of the high-tech crowd near Dulles International Airport and whose microbrews are sold throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, will soon have new owners from the Free State.

The company has been sold to a joint venture of Maryland-based Fordham Brewing and Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, the new owners announced yesterday.

The new company, to be called Coastal Brewing, will sell and market Old Dominion and Fordham brands, including Dominion Ale, Dominion Lager, Oak Barrel Stout, Fordham Copperhead, Fordham Lager, Oyster Stout and others.

Potential impacts:

One question remains at this point will Dominion continue to have the facilities to produce on-demand contract beers like Tuppers, Dubliner, JPauls '89, etc, given that Fordham may want to use those facilities to increase its own production for the wider distribution, since the Annapolis facility doesn't have nearly enough real estate for that sort of thing, especially not for bottling.

The second question, one that affects ALL of us (rennies), is MDRF's distribution deals.  MDRF gets Fordham for the White Hart, as they are a sponsor.  However, MDRF's larger distribution deal is with Coors, and with Fordham now in bed with A/B that may impact whether or not Fordham beers would be allowed on site.  Granted, that's for the Festival owners to figure out based on exclusivity contracts, existing long-term contracts, and the legal eagles out there.  But for myself I'd hate the idea that the only Oktoberfest I could get would be Sam Adams.

Meanwhile, Dominion is expanding and franchising the brewpub, with the first one opened by the DC Convention Center.  They all seem to love the market around the Convo Center, as Gordon Biersh and RFD are both there, and Cap City has one by the original Convo Center.  "Travel Globally, Drink Locally" indeed.
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lets see...well, about 22/50, with several on the list of "never going to unless i actually go to germany" and others on the "never going to 'cause i don't like the style", so there you go.
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i've not had a "wheat" beer in almost a decade, having tried them in the 90s and not really caring for it.

Well, i got a case of a variety of stuff from flying dog (at costco), and finally gave the wheat a try.

and i still don't like it.

so now i have 3 of these things to get rid of.  go fig.

got net?

Dec. 28th, 2006 04:23 pm
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so i'm in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, quite possibly the most wired place in the country.  EVERYBODY has a wireless tap, usually free.

not only does the pub i'm in have XM playing (top tracks 46), but the avis shuttle at the airport also was XM-playing.

would that fairfax was so hip...

BTW the pub has Holy (Gr)ale on tap.  yummmmmm...
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CNN.com - Beer drinkers beware: 4 percent of U.S. hops crop burns - Oct 3, 2006:
YAKIMA, Washington (AP) -- Federal investigators were set Tuesday to begin an investigation into a fire that ruined about 4 percent of America's yield of hops, used as flavoring in the brewing of beer and ale.

The fire started shortly before noon Monday in a 40,000-square-foot (3,600-square-meter) warehouse operated by S.S. Steiner Inc., one of the four largest hop buyers in the Yakima Valley of central Washington. By mid-afternoon flames engulfed most of the building, sending up plumes of smoke and a pungent aroma.
Of course, it doesn't say what types of hops were there, so it possibly might only impact the "generic" stuff used in wussie yellow beers and the microbrew market may be safe.
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So I'm at the dominion beer fest with this "82%" chance of rain hanging over us and the day went without a hitch so we KNOW it's going to rain tonite and ruin everything and the clouds are already thickening in fairfax, tysons, manassas, and yada yada yada.

And it didn't rain.

Rule #3: Beer is good.

(btw, Rule #1: Don't take shit from inanimate objects, and Rule #2: Don't take shit from anything else. -- Marc Lamb, Foggy Bottom and Ablemarle Morris musician -- and with stoplights, I keep violating rule #1.  *sigh*)

Breweries represented: Dominion (ok, well, duh), Cap City, Clipper City, Troegs, Stone (only Bastard), Sierra Nevada, Victory, Sam Adams/Boston, Charleston (SC), at least 3 from Colorado, and too many others I can't recall, but go see the web site.

My Tuppers Hop Pocket was poured and served to me by Bob Tupper himself.  He's still a MDRF regular visitor and he actually knew who "Cat & The Fiddle" was!  (be afraid, [livejournal.com profile] thatliardesmond - we have fans in high places ;-) )

I made the other Stone Brewery fans jealous by saying I'd actually been to their new brewery in Escondito. :D

I also thanked the owner of Clipper City for his support of Team Wench's Privateer Feast.

If Beer retains the power to hold off the worst of the rains up here, I'll go back tomorrow.


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