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Grokked from this entry, I gave a try and these are some of the better ones...
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I went to the 6th image of my 6th Picasaweb album and found this:

One side of the Duomo in Florence, at night.
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btw, sitting in the two main bar areas in the Piazza may seem relaxing, but it will be the most expensive drink you have in the whole the ones as the Piazza Navona...

Late on the next day:

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From Italy: Rome 08/10/01 (Musei Capitolini)
Click for more pictures of the Musei Capitolini.  No I didn't put all of the pictures up, 'cause, well, best you eventually get there yourselves, 'eh?
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In case you needed a Saint to tell you where the exit is...
From Italy: Rome 08/10/01 (Santa Maria Maggiore)

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Roman Forum in for 1600 version.
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Once one of the finest temples in Rome, it was converted to a Christian church at some point and remains that way now.

Yes that still is a hole in the roof and yes the floor does get exceedingly wet when it rains. there are drainage holes in the sides of the building.
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A fashion store in Rome near the Spanish Steps.


Nov. 7th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Probably will be 3 parts total.
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Part of our touring (arranged by my brother-in-law) included a trip through Tuscany to the western coastline. Here, the architecture is much more modern than Roman times or the Renaissance. It's a post-card of an aspect of 19th century Italy that has, with exception of a bit of increase in tourism, has remained mostly frozen in time. Studying it closely, you can see it as the Italianate inspiration for much of The Prisoner's Portmerion.

In addition are some more artistic shots of the mountains. Any bright white you see isn't snow or ice: it's marble.

An interesting highlight shot:
From Italy Cinque Terra 08/09/26

Yes, that is what it looks like. A German WW2 Pill Box. It's about the only WW2 remnant we saw the entire trip except for some areas along the train tracks in Rome (where the area simply has never been reconstructed in 65 years).
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