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Some of you might have seen this on FB, or 'cause I kept passing my phone around showing it, 'cause I think it's just great...

From MDRF 2011
acroyear: (photo album time) I'm tired of politics (every day really is becoming the same thing over and over, and I'm pretty sure I've got outrage fatigue), and don't talk about work (so you've missed the most obnoxious of my daylight savings time rants), and am basically getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night if i'm lucky...and i'm luckier than [ profile] faireraven so there you go.

I also haven't really had a chance to take the camera out anywhere in quite some time, though I have been taking lots of shots of Wiggles.  Only attending MDRF occasionally, and with her in tow, means little time for much of anything in detail.  However, I did finally get the camera out this Saturday and captured a few nice ones at pub sing, like
From MDRF 2011

From MDRF 2011

so, there you go. more where that came from at the album or on facebook.
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If anybody needed a reminder as to why Maryland has one of the best sites in the world, perhaps this might work. All shots taken on October 24 (the cloudy day) and 25 (the sunny day).
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and EVERY weekend is a special one.
1) Children's (traditional)
2) Magic (2nd year) w/ Senior (moment) Monday
3) Rapiers & Roses (new)
4) Irish (2nd year)
5) Pirate (traditional)
6) Oktoberfest (traditional)
7) Shakespeare (back!)
8) Scottish (moved)
9) Chivalry (2nd year) w/ Joust tournament (traditional)

on #8
good: kilts in much cooler weather
bad: if it rains, there'll be some very muddy cabers out there...

The King is NOT married to Catherine Parr yet (so we're not killing him off or nothin').
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...i've gathered so far in back-reading that Adventurers weekend was wet, and Oktoberfest weekend was insanely busy (per its usual if it is dry).

any other excitements?
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And trust me, Hannah, you're no Dennis.

3 days, 8-10 inches of rain per day, labor day weekend 1999.

And MDRF still rocked.

'nuf said.
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3 days of rain and never breaking 75 (in August????), but then we're back up to 85 on the weekend.

Now they say "pleasant", but I read that as "STEAM BATH".

I hope I'm wrong.

At least the dust will be down.
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but please parents, explain to the kids that the 40 foot siege engines have to be left at home, ok?


seriously... )
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To quote Shelby from Sound & Fury, "I get that a lot..."

Seriously, am I excited 'bout opening day/weekend?

No, not really.  I let that kick in over the 3 day weekend.

The entirety of opening day for me is logistics.  Nothing but logistics.  Props here, props there, figuring out when shows are, figuring out where crowds will be that will make movement difficult, figuring out what to do for the inevitable prop left behind, figuring out if we'll get any new material, figuring out what collaboration requests will come along to fill in our unscheduled 3rd half-hour, figuring out if HMT will have new tambourines or other nifty things to budget for, figuring out which shows and acts are gone in order to answer the inevitable "what happened to ...", figuring out what shows are new and determining how into the "recommended" list they go, figuring where the "10 foot rule" will most affect my partner*, answering over and over again, "yes pub sing is back all season long and yes Hell Froze Over 'cause Jack Rackham is back today", and much more.  Oh, and then there's seeing everybody for the first time in 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 weather seasons, or even 3 faire seasons!

In short, I ain't got time to get excited.  I'll be lucky if I find time to eat.

And closing weekend is worse.

* oh - the answer to that is "everywhere".  duh...
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trust me - find the time and see this sometime during the run.  it ain't your 9th grade english class here, this is real and most excellent.  a lot of actors you "know" at festival are really stretching out and showing things you don't normally see from them during their Revel Grove (or court) characters.
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...that MDRF has updated their site with a new look?
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long season, long weekend, long day.  nice that traffic home (I didn't leave Annapolis 'til after 3) wasn't a fact, seemed insanely light.  Other direction sucked, of course, but nobody rubbernecked it on my end.

Note to everybody who doesn't know: the MDRF customer service booth knows all, even if they don't see it.  I had 2 3LF'ers miss out on Danse Macabre 'cause they didn't know where it was - the info booth Gerry's always know how to find us and pretty much any other act out there, thanks to all the handy-dandy schedules printed up.  Need to know? They'll know, unless the performer is out wandering street.  They're also among the nicest people on the whole site.

I would have tried harder to "be noticed" but logistics are hell - trying to get each area ready, walk the path once to make sure there weren't any surprises, get a water stop prepped, help get the jack-o-lanterns to the White Hart (sorry T O'K - didn't mean to interrupt but we was in a hurry), and all sort of other things, like say, getting changed for it, all added up to a very busy afternoon.

Parade was huge success, in spite of the missing people.  23 dead danced by the shops in the main food court and through the White Hart perfectly on time (granted, 'cause the Rogues somehow ended early, which never happens...I was told later it was 'cause they got griped at for running over on Saturday, but that's strictly rumor mill quality).  I went bouncy-bouncy during pub sing instead of sticking to my already occupied pole, so instead of one consistent viewpoint I got to see lots of things from lots of angles.  Even sat down at the royal table for a bit, which also never happens.  Weird feeling.  Not quite sure it's "me".  Probably not.

Saturday Morris rocked insanely well.  Our stick's echoes on the rain-conditioned boardwalk took 2 seconds to dissipate - we were louder than the guns on the joust field at that time slot for anybody hanging out back there.  Good crowds catching our more "white shoe" high-energy set.

Then there's the yellowjacket.

13 years and the little shits finally got me.

Also triggered my loudest audible expletive in 13 years, but at least I was in a pub and no kids were around.

Damn finger still itches. (updated - "damn thing still itches" was a little TOO vague)

More later.  Time to sort the garblaundry(tm) and get it started.
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Yes, Cat & Fiddle Morris presents the "there's a ringing in [ profile] thatliardiego 's ears that will never go away" show!

A full-strength side of Foggy Bottom Morris Men (counting me) will be performing during the Cat & Fiddle spots on Saturday.

We'll be poking holes in the boardwalk at 11:30 and up by the info booth at 2:30!
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Danse Macabre 2006.

Shot by [ profile] wildwose (who I hope doesn't mind I posted them) last year.

This is to give those who are thinking of bringing new ones a hint as to what we do and how to dress for it. details for those who may be participating )

One last dance rehearsal and review of the instructions will take place at 5pm at Hengrave Hall on Saturday.
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Some people are in such a rush to get out at the end of the night they really miss one of our more spectacular features...
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In spite of it now being October, so far the weather predictions for the weekend have us at once again high seventies, dry, and no rain between now and then.

Not that I ever actually see or know anything about the budgets at all, but hypothetically I would in no way be shocked if I were to see next year's budget have a huge line item for tons of sand to be brought in to replace that which we've all collectively snorted and carved out of our noses over the last 6 weeks.
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"The crowds were curious...but well behaved."

(for the most part)

strange weekend, mostly in that generally it was perfectly normal, like a Perfectly Normal Beast (none of which were harmed by that chef guy over at the Hengrave Hall kitchens  on Saturday - though many other creatures were).

On the *really* good side, my knee didn't pop all weekend, nor has it popped going down stairs at home.  So I'm going to keep resting it and keep an eye on it, but maybe Thursday I'll try dancing again.  Maybe.
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..will be down on the boardwalk (across from the Fortune Teller booth) at 5:10pm, following the sword fight between messers Sledge and Spike (a fun show, feel free to come early to see it at 5).


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