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I'll assume that by "classic" one is explicitly ruling out the mash-ups on Love, right?

Doesn't help.  My fav at any moment is based on a mood.  If I'm childhood-nostalgic, it'll be something from Magical Mystery Tour.  If I'm contemplative it'll be In My Life or Eleanor Rigby.  If I'm in a mood to challenge my childhood Beatles memories, it'll be Tomorrow Never Knows or Glass Onion.  They've too much variety in those mere 9 years to limit things to just one...
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I know I said Buckaroo Bonzai for my fav "cult" film, but a cult film and a midnight movie are not necessarily the same thing.  If I had to go for the best midnight movie, it would probably be Gothic.

First saw that in the hotel bar at an EveCon almost 20 years ago (the last year at the Doubletree before they moved to Frederick, yeah, fire extinguisher year)...still freaks me out.

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VERY hard to decide, but probably for films that have cult status but weren't necessarily big hits (some films could have been cult if they weren't so popular, like the original Men in Black), I probably keep falling back to Buckaroo Bonzai as my fav.

There is no "why".
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It was a dark and stormy night.
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Having to agree with friends, "What's Opera Doc", though "Duck Amuck" comes a very close second (see icon). Third would be Popeye Meets Sindbad the Sailor, and fourth is a Ranger Woodlorn & Humphrey Bear cartoon from Disney in 1955, "In the Bag". Collectively tied for 5th would be all of the Chuck Jones original Coyote-Roadrunners (not the later 60s Freling-Depatie sets).
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An American Christmas Carol, from 1979. Transposing the context from the British Industrial Revolution to the American Great Depression, and staring Henry Winkler in perhaps his finest performance of all time, a very impressive contrast from his "Fonz" character at the time.
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The Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, which I just re-mixed into its original form (taking the Pink Floyd segment from a taped tv broadcast and splicing it back into the original where it belongs to make a final DVD).
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too clever for those around me
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I would have said Brisco County Jr, but, well, that's sadly unlikely now.

Other than that my answer was always Dr. Who, but well that's not a problem anymore!

My third choice: Earth 2.
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Fleetwood Mac's Mirage, 1982. My dad stole it 'cause he liked Gypsy so much. I did eventually replace it but for a while I hadn't bothered 'cause the "Greatest Hits" collection was enough.  For Buckingham, it's relatively weak compared to Tusk and Tango in the Night - the only non-single that's any good is Stevie's Straight Back.  Odd than in 5 years they would switch - Stevie's songs on Tango are the weakest (in my opinion, and I couldn't stand Seven Wonders, and still can't) but Lindsey's material (and production) is just astounding.


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