Dec. 7th, 2015

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I *almost* posted this on FB. I really did. Sanity saved me at the last second.

The ACLU has openly come out against the idea of using the No Fly List as a criteria for any further restrictions against those whose names are on it.

I seriously agree with the ACLU on this one. The No Fly List is horrid, in its accuracy, its consequences on the innocent, and on the utter lack of due process. It is one of the grossest violations of the 5th Amendment ever accepted by modern America (the other being civil asset forfeiture).

On top of that, it is obvious that it would not have even stopped San Bernardino at all, as 1) neither shooter was on the list, and 2) they weren't the ones who purchased (from a store) the applicable weapons in the first place, so they never would have been detected by such a check even if they were on that list.

When a proposed solution doesn't actually solve the problem, and it wouldn't solve the problem of ANY of *big* events of the last few years, either because these types of weapons weren't involved, or they weren't on the no-fly list, then it is not a solution, it is rotten theater.

And that's all I'm going to say about it.


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