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i've always wondered how to handle the aspect of showing classic shows to the kid (currently 3 and a half). we grew up (or more recently, grew older) with certain things happening in a certain order. our parents, too.

my parents had to patiently wait and hope for that next Beatles album. we had to patiently wait for that next Star Wars film, that next (and eventually last...sigh...) MASH episode. as we grew older, that next Harry Potter book and movie. That next (and eventually last) Star Trek episode from a series that didn't suck. What introductions we had to things before us still came from TV - the episodes were only day-to-day on repeats (who knew if they ran them in order, and shows never really had finales in those days except The Prisoner), the movies were seen only when they just happened to come up on a saturday afternoon.

so how do we introduce those to someone much younger (say, my 3 year old), who has today all of that, every movie and ever episode of every series that has ever existed (if it survives) at the click of a remote (and the parents paying for a netflix subscription etc etc)?

do we try to recreate that anticipation we had with seeing it week by week, day by day (or you have to wai three years to see the next Star Wars film), or just get on with it in a huge marathon viewing, the same way we adults catch up to a show we realize we like, and see what the world comes up with that will be this tiny generation's "gotta wait and see..."
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Date: 2014-12-20 11:02 am (UTC)
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There's always something, as you said we had the Beatles entire catalog at our fingertips and we came out just fine for anticipation.

Date: 2014-12-20 11:03 am (UTC)
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Ironically, the next post down in my friends list is about the last episode of Serial…

Date: 2014-12-21 06:41 am (UTC)
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Seems to me that there will be NEW series' for her to anticipate. This past year, i have been introduced to Babylon 5, Cadefael, and the Big Bang Theory. I have enjoyed them all.

Cadefael was the sort that is a stand-alone, and there were not enuf of them, alas for it.
Big Bang was entirely different, and we are going thru those in order because they "grow" as the seasons progress. Relationships progress (or not). Tom and i are enjoying them, and now we have seen everything that's done and have to wait for more. LOL Both ways, for this one, eh?
And Babylon 5... I am so glad Robyn introduced me to this. It take much more energy for me to watch these, but they are sooooo well done, and it is one complete story. Sometimes we only watch one or two, and other times, if we have the fortitude, we watch more. It's *wonderful*!
And Harry Potter - well, i still haven't see the last few of those! The books, we had to wait for those! But as i say, there will be something for her to wait for as she comes up. Just enjoy with her, that's the main thing, i think. *smile*


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