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bookmarking for now.  She's finally getting old enough to enjoy some of these, even if not to remember them later.

  • GSM NP (there are shorter hikes on the Carolina side off of the main Klingman's Dome road that we didn't hit)
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Chimney Rock
  • Discovery Place (this can happen in November if we have time free around CRF)
Atlanta (should we do GARF)
  • ...
Close To Home Weekend Trips
  • Luray Caverns
  • Shenandoah NP (I still want to hit it in the fall colors, but we'll see - anyways, we totally missed Big Meadows last year)
  • Inner Harbor (Port Discovery, National Aquarium, Science Center) - we might stay in Glen Burnie overnight
  • Mt Vernon - lets see if she recognizes "the hermit" in a different costume/character :)
  • Great Falls / C&O Canal (I totally didn't visit Great Falls in 2012)
North (should we do Marlboro instead of GARF)
  • Acadia and Bar Harbor
  • Mystic Seaport
  • Watch Hill, RI (my family settled there in the 1630s)
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Bad move, A&E : Pharyngula:
The A&E Channel has a new show coming up: Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Sounds awful already, doesn't it? But it's worse than you think: they're looking for disturbed kids who think they've got magic powers, and then they're flying in "professional psychics" to coach them in dealing with their awesome powers, i.e., indulge their delusions, get off on feeling superior to unhappy kids, and collect a paycheck for psychic child abuse.
Yes, they've gotten that horrid: training kids to either be charlatans or self-delusional, for money.

I mentioned that I have cable…but there's almost nothing on. The quality has been on a steady decline for years; cable stations like A&E, TLC, the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel were all set up with the noble goals of providing good educational/informative programming, and they've all sold out to provide little more than dreck ala Psychics with Serious Mental Illnesses Hunting Hitler's Ghost While Driving A Big Truck with Their Freakish Family. It's cheap, it's easy, the 'talent' they hire are all boring nobodies with only their disturbed personalities as a selling point — these are modern freak shows, plain and simple — and audiences eat them up.
Bravo's decline from being the arts elitist channel it was 25 years ago is among the most disturbing (and no more West Wing reruns, so the channel is now exclusively "reality" programming), although TLC's descent into HG-lite is pretty bad, too.  I keep resisting dropping the cable (well, satellite), mostly because we're too far out to get a decent digital tv signal over the air and I'd hate to not have the news available the next time a "9/11" level incident happens, but aside from "Scrubs" reruns, there's almost nothing we watch when it comes up that we haven't already already got the DVDs for (or acquired through some other means).

Still, there's something odd going on - there's something rather comforting about dealing with (2)57 channels and nothing on in terms of *NOT* having to make a choice.  There's a mental "investment" that happens when one picks out a CD or picks out a DVD - a mental commitment to watch/listen to the whole thing (and actually paying attention to it), and if you can't do that, you feel a guilt pang about putting it in.

That investment doesn't happen with radio or TV - you don't mind talking over it, you don't mind muting it for a minute, you don't mind walking out of the room and walking back in.  "No problem, no guilt", as someone else out there is watching it, too.  it is background noise without commitment...and I'm not sure I want to give that up.

As much as we'd walk out of the room and walk in, go get coffee, take showers, flip back-n-forth to Today Show for weather, leave when we're ready to go, etc., during The West Wing repeats in the morning, we'd NEVER do that if I were to actually put a West Wing DVD into the same TV at the same time of the morning.

That's kinda why it helps that I've turned my many prog-rock DVDs into a "video jukebox" - rip them to AVI or WMV, separated by song, and playlists that randomize them.  Rather than a concert video that I feel I have to watch all of, or what's the point, I can enjoy the music without commitment, without the need to be in the room all the time or else feel like I'm missing something MTV back in the good ole days.


Oct. 14th, 2010 10:56 pm
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...the car's dead.

at the most inconvenient time.  didn't start this morning.  couldn't do anything about it today 'cause by the time i noticed, both of us were running late for work so we had to carpool (which we were gonna do anyways 'cause of a foggy bottom thing).  said foggy bottom thing means i can't deal with it this afternoon/evening.

still won't start.  the rattle that comes when you turn it is pretty 5.1 impressive.

and tomorrow (friday, being today by the time most of you read this) i can't really deal with it as such 'cause i still have to actually get to work.  fortunately could push the one morning meeting out to later in the afternoon 'cause carpooling means driving her to a doc appointment.

so at the very least the car's been emptied of all faire stuff to go into her car instead, and i'll get the trash out in the morning and call for a tow.

and probably not see it again 'til monday.

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...but these probably say far more than I can right now...
Basement Kitteh

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1999->2000 was probably the busiest NYE I'd ever had.

The morning was simple enough, morning tea (I hadn't started the coffee addiction yet), watching the PBS coverage of each time zone's NY moment (at that point, things were already starting in China and SE Asia, and I'd missed New Zealand and Japan already).  I can't remember exactly when [ profile] faireraven arrived, if she'd been around for a while or arrived that day. Things do blur as a result of the rest of the night...

Most of the afternoon was also a blur, as it was mostly prepping for the night.

430-530pm, faireraven and I have dinner (and I have a beer) in Old Town Alexandria at Virginia Beverage (now long gone :( ), watching the midnight events of Jerusalem, Finland, Cairo, Moscow, and South Africa.

For all of the fireworks and music and dancing, South Africa's New Year was probably the most stirring: President Nelson Mandela led a candlelight vigil through the prison he's spend most of the last 30 years in.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing GMT's change (London, Paris, Mike Oldfield in Berlin) due to having to be at a coffee shop closer to the King Street Metro, as a courtyard on King Street was the location Foggy Bottom Morris had been assigned to entertain audiences at First Night Alexandria.  We did one stand, then a beer or two in Hard Times, then another stand, freezing, but the audiences seemed amused.  First time I'd played "Devil Doubt" in the mummers play, 'cause Bill had to leave early for events in Maryland.  Fortunately, I didn't have to freeze anymore as I wasn't among the two picked to dance Lord of the Dance with Revels' performance at First Night Alexandria over at the courthouse square.

We leave Old Town Alexandria and head up Braddock Road to the Clan McArgh dinner party, which was amusing as always.  As that faded, we head to my office. 

Yes, my office.

No, I didn't have to work.

At the time, my office building was the triangle-shaped SRA building by the Courthouse in Arlington.  My window had THE VIEW - I could see unblocked from the Cathedral all the way to the Pentagon.  It was an annual tradition to gather up there, 11th floor, to see the fireworks on July 4th.  So knowing this, we came up to watch the fireworks on the mall for the New Year.

It was a bit of a mess, really, as they had the fireworks in two waves - the first wave was small one that happened right at 12, and then a subsequent wave happened at about 12:45, coordinated with the show actually happening on the mall (a show running horribly behind schedule, as usual - DC's gotten better since then).  We were listening to the radio broadcast of WTOP through the 'net to find out what was going on, as even they didn't know.  We also flipped through and saw the grainy video of Philadelphia's party as well.  Nobody reported any major Y2K bluffs at all...

Come 1pm, show's over, we head home, forgetting that like July 4, most of the Potomac roads I know are closed.  Oops.  Takes about 45 minutes to get back to Burke.  Zonk and good night.

Next day was (I *think*) our first visit to the [ profile] queenmaggie First Day party in Frederick, a tradition that sadly is no more (but we'll still see her tomorrow!).

So that was our day, 10 years ago.  What was yours?
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...this was the look on my face.  :)
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  1. Arrival and BogFest (the Poxy Boggards do an indoor concert @ the Doubletree in Monrovia)
  2. RPFS
  3. Disneyland for our anniversary
  4. San Diego Wild Animal Park and dinner at Stone Brewing's new Bistro (well, new to us, as it was still under construction in '06)
  5. Balboa Park (may or may not include either the Zoo or a museum or two)
  6. San Diego driving tour
  7. Lake Arrowhead Village
  8. Arrowhead->Barstow->Bakersfield->Visalia->Sequoia National Park
    • Great Forest Museum, plus the lighter trails
    • Staying in Wuksachi Lodge
  9. Hiking around Lodgepole and Wolverton, staying in Wuksachi another night
  10. Rt 99 to Sacramento, then maybe on to Napa Valley
  11. Muir Woods, photo-taking tour of San Francisco from a distance (here's hoping the fog stays light)
  12. San Francisco downtown landmarks
  13. o'dark-hundred flight to ATL
Friday in Atlanta is with Cyd's family and possibly my former co-workers.
Saturday and Sunday @ GARF
Monday (happy birthday Star Wars (32 years), and Tubular Bells (36), and happy towel day) noon fly home to Dulles, to try to get laundry going before the work week.
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FBMM's annual walking tour of the National Capital area is this Saturday.

Teams featured:

  • Foggy Bottom Morris Men, Washington, DC
  • Albemarle Morris Men, Charlotteville, VA
  • Ann Arbor Morris, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Cold Barn Morris, Hamilton, ONT
  • Kingsessing Morris Men, Philadelphia, PA

Schedule as planned (rain in the morning may affect things, but we try to stay under the canopies near the metro escalator, depending on how p.o.'ed security decides to get).

  • 10:30-11:30AM Coffee & Dancing @ Union Station West Carriage Porch - 40 Massachusetts Ave, NE, (alternate dance sun location Columbus Plaza)

  • 11:30-12:45PM The Dubliner (selections from the brunch menu) - 4 F Street, NW, 202.737.3773
    • this is a private event (and the place gets crowded in any case)

  • 12:45-1:00PM Process to US Capitol
  • 1:00-1:50PM Dance @ US Capitol Lower West Terrace
    • (rain location: tour the Capitol Visitor’s Center – no dancing or large bags allowed)

  • 1:50-2:15PM Parade to Hawk ‘n Dove
  • 2:15-3:15PM Hawk ‘n Dove (Guiness, Bass, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Hefeweizen) - 329 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, 202,543.3300
    • This is crowded, but open to the public. Here is normally our public pub sing of the day.

  • 3:15-3:30PM Promenade to Eastern Market
  • 3:30-4:15PM Dance at Port City Java (opposite Eastern Market) - 701 N. Carolina Ave. SE, 202.543.1819
    • a subset will be dancing nearby outside Tunnicliff’s Tavern, 222 7th St. NE 202.544.5680

  • 4:15-4:30PM March to Stanton Park
  • 4:30-5:15PM Dance @ Stanton Park, NE - Massachusetts & Maryland Aves @ 5th (rain location Union Pub 201 D St NE or Cap City)

  • 5:15-5:30PM Amble to Capital City Brewing Company (sidewalk dance at cafes on Mass Ave.)
  • 5:30-6:15PM Dance @ Cap City Plaza

  • 6:15PM -??? Feast & Pubbing at Cap City, the Postmaster General Suite - private event, as we have the back room.
So now you know where to find us...or where to avoid... ;)
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  • Warmed up with Marillion, tracks from Somewhere in London
  • Officially starting out with tracks from Cirque's most intense show, Corteo (Reminder, Kooza is in DC as of yesterday, 5 weeks)
  • Once upon a time from Cirque's La Nouba
  • Stella Errans from Cirque's Dralion (what a voice!)
  • Tangerine Dream's Green Desert (abridged) - probably the spookiest drum solo ever
  • Pink Floyd's Terminal Frost
  • One of These Days, Pulse video/dvd version (incl Dr. Who theme on slide guitar)
  • Genesis's Home by the Sea (first and second, Live '93)
  • Title track from Trick of a Tale (that album is like pure Steampunk, in my opinion...)
  • Steve Hackett's guitar madness of Vampire with a Healthy Appetite
  • What is probably my fav this time of year, The Steppes, which has been played at least 2 other times since I started logging
  • Alan Parson's Dream within a Dream and The Raven
  • As long as I'm in the 70s, Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare makes this year's list
  • along with I Love the Dead.  Certainly a classic...
  • Further back in time we reach the Beatles with some classics from Magical Mystery Tour
    • Fool on the Hill
    • Flying
    • Blue Jay Way
  • Now we'll head for Hollywood with some soundtracks, starting with The Black Hole
  • Musical excerpts from classic Dr. Who, Mawdryn Undead and Ghost Light
  • Followed by some new Murray Gold Who, his themes for the Daleks and the Cybermen
  • Danny Elfman's Beetlejuice main theme (and it's 845 and things seem to be winding down...)
  • Elmer Bernstein's theme music (not the Ray Parker Jr song) from Ghostbusters
  • Two orchestral pieces from The Matrix
  • and then I'm just going to let it run down with Prokofiev's Scythian Suite
Past years lists
And some photos

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Makes me happy. Last year, the spring drought stopped them from blooming and had me worried they were dying...
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where the FUCK did this storm come from?  nothing all day, then we get on our way home from the annual party and pass through a tiny bit of rain, of the "big deal" type...

...only to discover that whatever the f' it was, it clobbered the shit out of a transformer, killing power from our house east well past cascades and north up cascades well past the costco and giant (2 and a half miles away).  not a single light nor stoplight that entire way.  nothing.  cops at every stoplight (and even then, plenty of idiots not doing the "treat as 4-way stop sign" thing).

so, well, mr weatherman: WHAT THE FUCK????

NOBODY said NOTHIN about no rain.  not even the slightest hint in this morning's forecast which was telling us that yesterday, today, and the next 3+ days would all be dry (and annoyingly hot).

so where the hell did this come from?

on the bright side, we thought about it and got ice to cool our freezer (and my wonderful steaks mentioned earlier) from a 7-11 that was lit, still open, and hadn't managed to sell it all.

on the brighter, we'd managed to quickly get it into the main freezer (which was still cold) in 10 seconds top, which should protect said steaks.

on the brightest side?  30 seconds later, our lights came back on.

I can't impersonate Gilbert Godfried close enough.  I just can't.
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Knocked over a couple of outdoor lamps, but both hit in such a way as to not break at all, which was cool.

Neighboring dead tree fell over in a very odd position:

Yes, it is perfectly balanced on our fence:

But later, the friends traveling through this mess arrived safely, and we were all greeted by this:

Which was definitely a sign: storm's over, so go get a beer. Off to Sweetwater we went. :)

[ profile] faireraven is taking [ profile] tomble and [ profile] kowari on a walking tour of the Mall downtown, whilst I still have work to do, and I'll meet 'em all up for Morris practice tonite.  As such, she won't be online at all today once they leave.
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see some of you there!
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1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
No. I've been seriously involved in a very silly relationship for over 8 years. :)
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I've always wanted to do this...again...
the icon collection... )
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The Modern Vacation: Fully Wired, Totally Ruined | LiveScience:
An AP poll last year found that one-fifth of Americans tote a laptop on vacation. Countless more carry cell phones, many of which can be used to check company e-mail.

And why not? With wireless coverage extending, staying connected is simple. Recently, JetBlue Airways announced a trial of free e-mail and instant messaging services for passengers on one of its aircraft. Other airlines are expected to follow suit.

But there's a hidden cost to companies: employee burnout.

"Using work cell phones and checking company e-mail at the poolside is not a vacation," said Dov Eden, an organizational psychologist at Tel Aviv University. Eden studies the psychological effects of respites ranging from family trips to lengthy sabbaticals, including how they bring relief from chronic job stress.
I used to be "addicted to the 'net" on my vacations, immediately getting online as soon as I got back to the hotel after whatever it was I was doing, particularly on festival invasions and the like.  Fortunately, I learned, in the PNW tour of 2004 (where I brought everything BUT the power cable, and thus had a useless laptop), what it was like to be 'netless on vacation and quite liked it.  Since then, the vacations of 2005 (UK), 2006 (Disneyland and southern California), and 2007 (WDW) have all had minimal online time.  Though I had the laptop for "emergencies" (usually defined as trying to get directions to the next destination, or in the UK case, emptying the camera's memory card so we could keep taking pictures), it was otherwise rarely on at all.

And I think we liked it that way...
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As noted elsewhere, we're (well, she, with my moral support and guidance (yeah, like that's worth anything)) performing with the local Scottish Country Dancers this weekend, making for a busy day (lunch can't even begin until 2:30).
  • 10-11: morning dance @ the info booth and may pole
  • 1130: boardwalk.  we may socialize with the rat puckers but can't stay long
    • 1215: we're practicing with the Scottish dancers backstage
  • 1pm: Kenwood lane from the Bullseye II booth down to the herbalists.  We can't go much further in one direction due to E Musicki amplified at the Market, and can't go too far the other direction due to the Rogues at the White Hart (yeah, Rock and a Hard place, *literally*).  We'll probably wonder up and down a bit.  No dancing due to the rocks but we may have some new tunes to play (well, practice ;-) ).
  • 2pm: Playing for Scottish Country Dance at the Market and being grateful it's not "stage in the middle of nowhere" it was the last time we played it years ago.
  • 4pm: same thing (so yeah, lunch can fit in there somewhere)
  • 5pm: boardwalk, usually up by the Fortune Tellers booth.
  • 530: I'll be at the white hart socializing and prepping for pub sing.  there's been a "me" shaped hole in one column for weeks that needs filling.
Our shows will be our the "Scottish" set - I'll be all kilted up.  I won't know if i'm doing full-effect or short kilt until thursday when we'll have a better prediction of the weather.  Dances will include Fling and Sword and our unique "Strathspey and Reel for One".
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Since we haven't had any reason to be on site yet, well, we haven't been on site yet.  So unlike others, we haven't had that head start in getting crap to its home for the next nine weeks.

SO I'm forgoing working on the house (the floor is pretty much done though trim needs to be completed down the hall way) in favor of getting the car loaded a day early so I'm not up 'til 2am the night before opening.  All the stuff that can survive a hot day (well, they'll have to, won't they?) is there including chair (that's usually loaned to Hengrave Hall), table, mugs, "portable pub", whistles and pipes, bells and hanks (sorry [ profile] thatliardiego ), music, the tree of doom (music stand), survival essentials (bug repellent and sunscreen, aloe, privy paper, plus water bottles), our guest passes (2 for [ profile] kass_rants , 2 for my mom), schedule, and it's a DAMN good thing I just made this list, 'cause I almost forgot the tambourines.

Plus getting out the portable coolers for packing saturday morning.  Fiddle's stay in the house 'til Saturday morning.

Tomorrow night, it should be just the garb, danes,  and "props" (belt, pouches, mugstraps, hats).

Gee, no real panic this time...of course, that's partially 'cause its one thing to have the floor a mess in the house (which it most definitely still is), it's another thing to not get anything done 'cause [ profile] faireraven is up 'til 3am making garb... :)

37 hours left!

oh crap - Lister's post just reminded me I need to go find the rats, too...


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